{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Eeeeeek, I am late for coffee.
Have you been wondering where I was?
I have no excuse other than I did not want to get out of bed this morning.

Normally I try to have my coffee before the kids are up or at least before I take him/them to school,
but it didn't work out that way this morning.
So now I am back home, drinking my yummy hillbilly latte and having a piece of whole wheat toast
with peanut butter and honey.
SO, grab a cup of coffee and join me for a bit of an Easter weekend re-cap.

It was a good weekend, real Spring-time Easter weather.
And I might have taken a whole lot of pictures...just maybe.
We all made it to early church on Easter morning, it was in fact an Easter miracle.

*There's me drinking my Miller 64 late Saturday night after playing Easter Bunny
*We always light candles after church, the kids love getting to play with fire
*Kids dressed up
*Lots of sunshine
*Still  can't believe how pretty our old church is
*Char in her dress before it was covered in dirt and mud
*Easter loot
*Getting ready for The Hunt to start


I started reading Kelle Hampton's book, Bloom,  Friday I think...it's good.
And her pictures are to die for, just like on her blog.
Plus she has one of my favorite Mary Oliver quotes in the beginning(middle picture below).
Charlotte found a real, abandoned robin's egg during the Easter Egg Hunt at my uncle's house.


That's about it for me, cutting coffee shirt this morning so I can get this posted and get on with
my day of cleaning and organizing.
Is your house completely trashed after a holiday or long weekend like mine is?

This week I need to figure out where I will be editing my pictures since Picnik is closing next week.
If I am not a procrastinator, I am nothing.
I have been using PicMonkey but you cannot do these collages on them yet like mine above.
Hmmmmm....better get on that one, ya think??

Thanks for joining me here this morning for a cup of coffee and random chit-chat.
How was your weekend?
What did you do for Easter?
Tell me all about it.


  1. I was indeed getting worried that you had missed coffee today!? Glad to see you had a great Easter. And also glad for the book reccomendation. If you like it, good chance I will too. We have very similar book interests from what I'm noticing.
    Thanks for coffee!
    PS. If you came to my house, you would still see dirty dishes from Sunday's Easter lunch. Sometimes we roll like that. Haha!

  2. mmmm, i always love your coffee/whipped cream pictures. omg. :)

    i can't wait to read kelly's book! looks. amazing.

  3. Hillbilly latte... ha! You always make me smile. And speaking of... the pic of you & the bottle of beer. That made me smile, too. Next time you need to have a beer & blog blast chat fest instead of coffee. It might be funny.

    Can I come to your church? It is gorgeous! Holy Family is old but not that old. Your church reminds me of the mother house in Adrian (The Dominican Sisters) anyway... I'm rambling.

    Loved looking at your easter through your eyes, Amy.

  4. I HATE that picnik is going away! I love that collage feature!

    Thanks for letting me join in on your coffee today :)

  5. Thanks for coffee!! Your Easter looked lovely!
    Hugs - B

  6. great to see and hear about your easter weekend! i shared pics and news about ours too today :) as always, many thanks for inviting us all over xx

  7. Looks like a lovely Easter...I'm such a sucker for your awesome photos.

    I was actually super early with my post and now super late with linking up. I think it's that type of week.

    So, what do you think of Kelle's book? I was debating getting it, but wondered if it would be any different than what I read on her blog. Let me know your review.

    Well, thanks for coffee, and have a great week.

  8. Not wanting to get up is a totally reasonable excuse for...just about anything in my book. :) Yeah, Picnik's tools for making collages were so easy and user-friendly. I like PicMonkey, but I do still totally mourn the death of Picnik.

    Thanks for coffee! Hope you're having a lovely spring!

  9. Cannot wait to read Bloom. Reading Heaven is Here now but as soon as I'm done, it's next. Glad you had a great Easter...love your photos.:)

  10. great pics, sweet one. i better get my photoshop downloaded and figured out so i can make a collage again too...darn picnik. what's their problem anyway??!! ugh. ok. thanks for the coffee. i needed some girl time :)


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