I'm Thinking... Etsy Shop?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Last Saturday the kids and I spent a good part of the day rummage sailing.
Oh how I do LOVE Saturdays in the Summer.
They are the best.
My kids love going with me and especially love getting their $2 they earned during the week
to spend on whatever they want--although now I need to go back to enforcing my
no stuffed animals rule as last week I forgot before they had each picked out the
"cutest, most adorable stuffed animal, mommy".
But anyway-
I found these three awesome blankets last week while thrifting/antiquing/rummaging.
Check em' out.
So these blankets have me thinking again about opening up a little online shop.
I am just thinking, still in the thinking stage, but thinking a little bit more about it than
 I have before.
 A little more seriously about it.
Because really, if I don't I am going to have to stop shopping all together or a divorce
 might be in my near future...that or a Hoarders-style intervention.

I have thought about this off and on, just briefly, and a few people have even suggested
 that I should...
but I have never given it serious thought because I always dismiss the thought almost
 as soon as it pops into my head.
Even though it is something I think I might actually want to do...and really enjoy doing.
Why is that?

My first thoughts go something like this ::
*Oooh, if I had my own shop I could sell all the things that I love
*If only I could shop rummage/thrift antique stores and re-sell these things in my 
own shop as a job that would be so much fun....
Then my next thoughts go something like this ::
There are a million shops out there, what would I have to offer that is any different?
I am way too un-organized to run a shop
It may not work out, why waste my time?

Why do I do that?
I hate that I do that to myself.
That I dismiss something like this before I even stop to really think about it.
I cut myself off(in my head) before I really even explore the idea.
Do you do this, too?
I am sure I am not the only one.

I do this in other areas of my life, too...and I don't like it that I do, not at all.
Whenever my kids talk about what they wan to "be" when they grow up I always 
encourage them and tell them they can do anything they want to do and be anything
 they dream they want to be.
I always remind them that they can change their minds a lot, even when they
are adults and not to ever listen to anyone that says they can't do it.
I wonder why I am not as encouraging with myself?
Why do I discount my own abilities and possibilities before I give myself a chance?
Although it may not be someone else telling me I can't do it, wouldn't be good at it, 
or that I might fail, but it's ME telling myself these things and I am listening to it and
 kind of believing it, too.
That's dumb.

{Remember Yo-yo sandals?!
Eeek. I got two pairs for 25 cents each last week at the church rummage sale.
I remember my mom wearing rainbow Yo-yo's in the early 80's with a blue terry
 cloth dress and panty hose}

So this week I am going to think about the possibility of this.
Maybe make a list, look into it a little more before I tell myself no.
Do a little research and get a better idea for what it would really involve.
And I am going to shut up that little voice in my head that says I can't.

And you know what?
I may decide that I do not want to open up a shop after all,  and that's okay.
As a matter of fact, I think that's just fine as long as I give myself the opportunity to really
 make the decision instead of telling myself no first.


Now we are off to see Puss 'N Boots at the theater, I am kind of cursing myself for
even telling the kids about it. Not my favorite movie, but they are excited, so...
off to the theater we go.
Happy Thursday everyone, have a great day.


  1. just do it!!! don't think, just do!! you are a PROFESSIONAL garage saler girl...do it.

  2. You should definitely go for it! It'd be such a cool experience, and I'd for sure be a customer!

  3. Do whatever your heart-gut tells you to do and shut that doubting side of you up for good, yo. Seriously you can do whatever you want... As I sit and ponder exactly what I want to do. Hmmmm... Maybe I should shut my inner biotch up, too. And do whatever my heart-gut tells me to do as well.

  4. You gotta just go for it. You have nothing at all to lose. And a lot of what ifs...if ya don't.

  5. you absolutely SHOULD do it!
    your shop would be different because it would be YOURS. i say goooooo for it, amy!!!

  6. I'm joining the YOU SHOULD DO IT Club! :) I'm always drooling over your finds and if you had a shop I would definitely stop by :) I hate that little voice that talks you out of your dreams. At least give yourself the chance to try it. Maybe for even a few weeks. And if you hate it then at least you tried it out. But I bet you will like it. If you want more info about the Big Cartel vs. Etsy, go check out Gussy Sews. She does a great comparison/break down of each. You will have to search her archives for it though. Good luck!


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