Hello There, Monday

Monday, July 9, 2012

Hello, Monday.
Hello kinda big, exciting, fresh new week full of possibilities.
This week is gonna be a busy one so luckily I ditched the funky, grumpy cloud hanging over
my head last week that I blame partially on the weather and the other part on other people
because surely it couldn't be all me, right? ; )

Today I am linking up with Lisa and saying HELLO to...

-lots of painting and craft time with the kids
-peaceful country roads
-alone time(thank you Eric!)
-pretty summer flowers

I am saying HELLO to....

-cooler weather(like high 80's-- low 90's) that allows us to get back outside again
-enjoying every bit of Summer we can (the kids wanted to know how many days until school
starts so I was forced to look it up and see that it starts 5 five weeks from today!)
-working in the backyard
-working a whole lot to get my shop ready to open this coming Friday the 13th

It's gonna be a busy week, hopefully this burst of energy and motivation can carry me through the
What do you have going on this week?
Make sure and stop back by for a cup of coffee tomorrow morning.
Happy Monday to you!


  1. wow! we dont' start for 8 more weeks!
    it's after Labor Day for us here in Upper MI!
    and my girls were done the end of may, the 25th so they have already had a long summer. sooooo awesome! we are enjoying every second of it too!

    love all your pictures!!!
    i'ts raining like crazy here and we needed it sooooooo badly!
    going to hang out and scrapbook tonight! I was doing the Project Life thing and haven't done ANY since MARCH!!!!


  2. Ooh I love that pretty blouse! x

  3. i'm still excited for your shop! ;)
    AND i am so excited that the weather is cooperating now, too!
    this mama was going a little(or a LOT) stir carazay!


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