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Friday, July 6, 2012

Hey there.
Wow, I must say, I am really happy Friday is here.
I have been feeling a little stir-crazy this week...kinda like how I feel when I am cooped up in the house during the Winter... but it is July...and it is
Like 105* hot, with a heat index of 115* ...what? Really?
Ugh... really.
But, at the same time, I feel like I have accomplished pretty much nothing all week, even though we have been home a whole lot, which is really just kinda dumb.
Just one of those weeks I guess.

Everything outside is wilting and dying, even though we are watering 1-2 times a day.
The rose bush I got for Mother's Day finally bloomed though- and aren't they pretty?
I think they are called Peace roses.
I love the yellow with a tinge of pink.

We have spent lots of time inside this week--along with lots of swimming because that is just about
the only thing we (I) can stand to do out there.
I miss the kids just playing out in the back yard for half the day but hopefully this 
ultra-hot spell will be over soon.

I took the kids to see Brave yesterday. Have you seen it? We all liked it a lot.
It was pretty empty at the theater because I think everyone else had been to the cheap summer 
kid's movie that morning.
Does your local theater do summer kid's movies?
If you are not sure you should definitely check into it, ours are only $2 for
Same price for kids and adults. Can't beat that!


Fourth of July fun.
We had cousins over and cooked out.
Ice cream, sprinkler, fireworks, sparklers... what more could a kid want?

Lots of board games, a little baking, lots of sweating and ummmm...way too much fighting if you
wanna know the truth. This heat/lock-down is starting to take a toll on all of us.
What do you have going on this weekend?
Hope you all have a great Friday.

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  1. I love your pics - they are all so interesting. Thanks for letting my take a glimpse into your life this week. Happy InstaFriday!

  2. Great pics! Looks like an awesome 4th. And I hear you on it being so ridiculously hot out and being stuck inside or at the pool!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. i couldn't agree with you more!
    i feel the exact same way...about being cooped up in the winter...only it's summer and we're supposed to be out!
    happy friday!
    here's to HOPEFULLY cooler temps and the weekend!

  4. Our theater has summer kids movie for $1! We love going! Its scorching hot down here in Southern Illinois...108 today! I think next week will be in the middle to high 80's. Yay! We are sick of being inside too! I feel like its even too hot for swimming :(
    Here's to cooler weather!

  5. whoah! This post is like deja vu. We are also having this insane overbearing heat. And the only thing we're doing is staying inside doing a whole lotta nothing or swimming. And on Thursday we also beat the heat by seeing Brave. It was cute! :)


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