Friday Insta-Love

Friday, September 21, 2012

Hi there.
It's Friday!
I'm always happy for the weekend although the weeks have seemed to be going so fast since school
Has it felt like that for you, too, or is it just me?
Hooray for weekends anyway though and cooler temps and no plans! No plans, I love the sound of that.

A little insta-love from the past week...
leaves are starting to turn * office door * sky * morning walk
modeling necklaces for the shop * walking to school * girl's night out * cool spider web
coffee in the back yard * office cleaning! * yellow * front porch getting all "falled up"
sunset * shop stuff * driving * hobby lobby dress up


It has been an absolutely beautiful Fall week, like it was exactly what I would have asked for.
Windows open, perfect sleeping weather, sunshine and cooler temps.
All of it makes me ready for the pumpkin patch or maybe even the apple orchard first.

And because I haven't shared any of our pictures from our little trip to Indiana last weekend, here
are some of my favorite insta-shots...
The kids ready to go and excited because they got out of school for a half day.

the waterfall * our cabin * the waterfall again * so many trees *
evening hay ride through the park * flowers from my girl * cousins! * first trip 

We had so much fun in Indiana and I have a whole bunch more pictures to share next week.
What have you got going on this weekend?
Anything fun?

Hope you have a great weekend.
life rearranged


  1. Beautiful pictures! And I love cooler sleeping weather for sure, although wildfires have forced us to keep those windows shut.

    Have a beautiful fall weekend!

  2. Wow!! I love your pictures that you shared with us. Please shared another pictures because i am fond of pictures collections. I would like to go indiana for fun and enjoyment.
    I love cool weather and green nature environment.

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