Saturday, October 6, 2012

{ A few things I am Loving this weekend...}

the trees changing colors
leaves falling
this song...as well as the whole album. why can't i sing like stevie nicks?
breaking out the scarves
decorating for fall
planning a trip to the pumpkin patch
pumpkin spice lattes

Source: theinknest.com via Amy on Pinterest

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Source: pursepage.com via Amy on Pinterest

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I think before the weekend is up there will definitely be some pumpkin bar making in my near
future and watching You've Got Mail... at least once.
I also need a really good book to get under the covers and read at night this week... and that
slow cooker apple butter(above) would be really good with some homemade bread this week, too.
Ahhhh, Fall... I do love you.


  1. You almost make me wish we were into Autumn instead of Spring. Appreciating the seasons is so important. x

  2. I love Fall and finally our CA weather has turned a bit cooler so I can atleast wear jeans and drink all the delicious warm drinks!
    Happy Fall to you!!!

  3. love that quilt and the bunting! I wish it was starting to feel more like fall around here, but I think I'm going to boycott indian summer and start wearing boots and scarves anyways :)

  4. yes!
    i LOVE all of these pins!
    and especially fall. :)

  5. Love it all! There is just nothing better than Fall!

  6. You are totally speaking my language girl! Fall I love you!:)

  7. Come over to my house and bake me some bread! Homework is getting the better of me and I need happiness.


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