Huge $13 Shop Sale

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

This is the first time I have had any kind of  sale in my shop so I decided I would do 
a BIG one.
It is time for me to make room, like physically make room in my teeny-tiny office
for new stuff and lots of fun holiday stuff,  
 so I am having a big one day only sale.


Everything in my shop that is priced OVER $13 will be on sale for $13 for
 one day only on Saturday October 13.
So, that means.... 
this super cute necklace set regularly priced at $16.50?
Get it for $13 on Saturday.
This set of three fabric-wrapped frames priced at $22.50?
Get them for $13 on Saturday.
That's almost ten dollars off the regular price!
This awesome granny square afghan regularly priced at $18?
Mmmmm hmmm... snatch it up for $13 on Saturday.

Got it?
Regular shipping prices apply and these SALE prices are good only on 
Saturday October 13, 2012. Sale is for Central Time Zone hours, folks.


 ---> so spread the word.
or don't.....
and just go window shopping now and figure out what you are going to
buy on saturday for yourself.

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