Polka Dots + Pumpkin Pies /// DIY

Friday, October 12, 2012

Last week I was cleaning up staring at the mess in my office and came across a few little projects I
have been working on and realized that I don't share too many of my DIY Projects here.
Not sure why?
I think somewhere in the back of my mind I think that there are a million other * better * ones out
there and who am I to be showing others how to make something that they could probably do on their
own anyway...
Isn't that dumb?
Yeah, it is.

So today we will fix that.
Here are two super easy projects I did this week.

Wednesday night after the trip to the Pumpkin Patch that I didn't really have time for, I thought I
would throw in a little random mini pie-making...that I didn't have time for.
I used this recipe from Bakerella as far as the ingredients go but didn't really follow much else
besides that.
It was easy, I didn't ruin them, and that makes me super happy.
And my kids really love pumpkin pie so they were happy, too.


And here's the shirt I made for Charlotte this week.
I made the polka dots using the eraser end of a pencil; just dip, dot, dip, dot, dip, dot...
So easy.
The only thing I didn't do,  that I should have, was stuck a piece of cardboard inside
the shirt so the paint didn't bleed through.
And actually it didn't bleed through to the back, luckily, just to the inside of the shirt.
So there you have it.
simple + quick + cheap = Love.

Yay for polka dots!
And Fall!
And mini pumpkin pies!
And Friday!!!!!

Hope you have a great weekend.
We are celebrating the kid's birthdays tonight, Charlotte's birthday is tomorrow.
And don't forget, the huge sale in my etsy shop is going on tomorrow...one day only!
Don't miss it!


  1. Yay for polka dots!! I would wear them every day if I could :) Happy Friday!!

  2. love both of these amy and i am soooo baking those pies!:)
    why do i not bake pumpkin pie more?!?!:)
    have a happy weekend

  3. I don't love pumpkin pie, not sure why, but I do love pumpkin bread. I think you've inspired me to make some this weekend. :)
    I do LOVE polka dots and I love Charlotte's shirt! Very cute!

  4. I too am a lover of all things polka dot and you have created a cute shirt with them! And the pies, I can almost smell them. Yum!

  5. A little girl in polka dots is perfection itself!

    I have never made a pumpkin pie. They are not really a standard here in Australia. Maybe I will give it a go and do our own Thanksgiving sort of thing!! x

  6. Pleas post more of your DIY projects. Loved the polka dot idea!


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