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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hey there.
Wow, it seems like time has just flown by since coffee last week.... so much going on and here
we are, well into the holidays now.
To say I am not ready for all of it would be a huge understatement. Like, huge.
We had our first tiny snow last night-- not much but the kids were excited, especially Charlotte.
And this morning it was already melted, which made me happy cause I am just not quite ready for
that yet, either.

Well, first pour yourself a cup of coffee, or whatever it is you are drinking today, and let's have a
chat about all that has been going on lately.
Last Wednesday was the Kindergarten Thanksgiving Feast and just look how cute it all was.
Our old school did do a feast but the kids did not dress up-- no head dresses, headbands, pilgrim's clothes, etc. so I was over the moon
for  all of this-- absolutely adorable!

From last Wednesday until Sunday we were just kinda running crazy with a whole lot going on.
Oh--  and I don't have a picture to share, BUT on Wednesday Wyatt won the second grade spelling
We were quite proud and he was excited, this week his teacher is buying/eating lunch with the
top 3 Spellers : )
Remember what a big deal that kind of stuff was?

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning I would ask all about your Holidays-- did you
Did you cook Thanksgiving dinner at home?
Luckily I am only responsible for deviled eggs, which is good for everyone all around as I am
not much of a cook.
I see so many people posting about making the full Thanksgiving meal themselves and I am seriously
I would be so stressed out, it would not be pretty.

I have decided that Thanksgiving might just be my favorite holiday.
Don't get me wrong, I do love Christmas even if I'm not ready fit yet but Thanksgiving is my favorite.
There is not the pressure and stress of Christmas and it might just be my favorite meal of the year, too.

It is really hard to come off of a weekend like this without feeling a little exhausted maybe but oh
so happy and full and thankful.
Know what I mean?
I am feeling like a lucky, lucky girl.

Hope you all have a great day-- link up so we can come visit you for coffee, too.
Time for a refill-- Mrs. Bramer is headed to school to help out in Wyatt's class today!  ;)

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