Friday Insta-Love

Friday, December 28, 2012

A few snapshots of the last week; iphone-style, baby....

> Cookies + cream milkshakes made with my new blender.  Thanks, Santa!
> Lights at Night :: Out late trying to finish my Christmas shopping one night last week
> New dining room centerpiece; ready for a fresh start!
> Starting my list for 2013
> From Santa-- that would be Mr. Hooty
> Latte in my new mug

> Me + Eric :: Christmas day
> A week's worth of laundry... Oh, how I detest you! 
    > new Calico critters from grandma + grandpa. I might LOVE them as much as she does.
    > Why did Santa bring only one skateboard? The fighting over it is driving me crAzY. already.
   > Hotdog the Elf and one of his overnight antics
   > Watching Elf + eating pizza for Family Movie Night
   > All dolled up and ready for a night out!
   > Cousins on Christmas

Happy Friday y'all.... Hope you have a GREAT weekend!

life rearranged


  1. I love those Sharpie pens next to your list! :-) They are my favorites!

  2. cute pics, girlfriend!
    the one of you and hubby is by far my fave.
    so sweet! :)

  3. happy weekend to you girlie. thought of you so much while i was home. went to redman's...found that gumball machine!! went to wildflours. went to OUR old apartment...check! holy cow life is strange.

  4. This collection is perfection. I love love love all your happy peaceful images. AND the realistic ones like... (gulp) the laundry... you should see my pile. You would have nightmares. NIGHTMARES!


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