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Friday, January 25, 2013

Today was a rare thing; Eric had the day off(four-day weekend, hooray!) so we took full advantage and got out of town for the day.
Lunch, a little shopping and the cutest little vintage shop ever.
The best thing about day dates, night dates or, let's be honest, any dates?
Uninterrupted conversations.
Best thing ever.

What is your favorite thing to do on Date night?
What is your Dream date? 
I'm not really even sure what mine would be, I need to think about that one....
Right now I think it would be a far-away island, a deserted beach, lots of sunshine + an XL margarita.

* ps- how awesome is the floor of this old-fashioned soda fountain we visited today?
i think i'm in love.


  1. so fun! i wish that my hubby and i were able to do that. someday maybe. that floor is darling!

  2. As another mama of two I totally agree that uninterrupted conversation is priceless. So glad you took advantage of the time. (found you at Simple things Sunday).

  3. My favorite thing on a date is to just get away from the house, and not have any dishes to clean when we are done;)
    After a while of marriage, you are just lucky to go on one. I am OK with the far away island thing you got going there. Maybe a yacht with a few good friends.
    Ok, an XL margarita sounds divine also;)
    I love the floor! What a fun capture


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