Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy Friday!
Is it just me or do the weeks fly by?
Do you think it only happens when your kids get to be school-age though?
I do, I KNOW the days were not flying by when they were younger and I was home with them all day long.
No way.
Anyway-- the current state of my house is...Messy...and I should be up cleaning and making  beds but alas,
I am researching places to go on a vacation I will most likely never actually go on.
Kinda depressing.
Oh well.

{ Linking up with Jeannett for a little look at our week, through the iphone lens.... }

> Winter walks with the kids this week to get some FRESH AIR + save our sanity
> Helping out at school -- Feels like I have been there a lot this week. Like... a lot
> Wacky Tacky Day at school today. Charlotte loved herself, especially the glitter on her face
> A favorite new print from a friend. LOVE.
> After school snack for the kids

> Hula hoop! Open Gym last night at school
My view; walking
Hangin' up hearts
This adorable boy-- greasy face and all from such bad dry Winter skin!
> Drawing by Charlotte. I love this so much, the spelling is perfect!!
ME :: Just because my hair and make-up was done(which never happens), headed out to
dinner and drinks with my BFFs.

There's just a little bit of our week...
Now I am headed back to school for the 2nd Grade Spelling Bee then we are off for
a 3-day weekend. Yayyyyyy!
Hope you all have a good day and a great weekend!!


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  1. we had cookies and milk after school today :)
    love your heart banner! have a great long weekend! xoxo

  2. Cute kids, even if they're a lot of work! I get it--I have three! I had to check out your link from Jeanette's Insta Friday post, because I labeled my week, Lucky 13. Yay! Have a good weekend!

  3. Your two kids are adorable and your blog sounds like you live a wonderful life. Thanks for sharing!


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