Thoughts On Goals, Words + Hopes For The New Year

Friday, January 4, 2013

So,  I mentioned the other day that I was still thinking about my word for the year... 
my One Little Word... and I still kinda am but I think I have it.
I know this is really pretty dumb but I was hoping for a good word, one that looked good... 
a word that would look awesome on one of the Lisa Leonard necklaces I am coveting--
you know like inspire... dream... believe... hope...wish... 
A good word, one that would look cute.

But, that's not what I'm gonna get this year.
And uh-- that's not really how you go about finding a word,  anyway.
{ Don't worry you guys, I know this }


I LOVE the start of the New Year, I really do.
It's a fresh start, a new beginning, an empty calendar, a clean slate and the hope that 
anything in the year ahead really is possible.
My biggest wish for the year ahead, for myself, is that I could carry this feeling with 
me all year long.
Not that it will just last for the first two weeks and then fizzle out because
uhhhh, that tends to happen sometimes.
Or pretty much all the time, if you are me.

This is what I do and I'm sure other people do it, too but I'm really bad about it;
I have an idea/wish/dream and it often dies before I even get it off the ground.
You know; I wish I could...  I want to... Some day I am going to....
And that's it, that's where it stops.

Ughhhhh. Why?
Why do I do this?
Is it self-doubt? Lack of motivation? Willpower?
Not enough planning?
Fear of failure?
Probably a little bit of all of the above.
Here's what I have recently realized ::
I do not necessarily tell myself out loud(or say to anyone else) that I can't do something
or wouldn't be good at it but it is more of a ingrained thought, like I don't even
completely finish the thought/dream/idea before I dismiss it.
I don't really think I ever realized that about myself.

I want that to stop, or at least start figuring out how I can not do it as much, for starters.
I tell my kids all the time that they can do + be anything they want and not to let anyone
tell them otherwise.
The thing is, someday they might be the ones doubting themselves without even
realizing it. I figured this out in the car on the way home from the skating rink today(ha!).
I need to prove to myself that I can accomplish all of the big + little things I want to do...
no more wishing I could, dreaming of doing it, feeling bad when I see others do things I wish
I could do although I have never even attempted it myself(dumb).

I want to start accomplishing things--
I don't just want to start them, I don't want to dream of doing them, I don't want this
year to end wishing I had started a year ago...
I want to actually do them.
I don't want to give up before I start, chicken out or sabotage myself.


So there it is, there's my word.
I know I won't accomplish everything I want this year but that's not really even the
point, I think the point is to have goals, to not be content where you are, to learn more,
try harder, challenge yourself...
and to dream bigger.
That's what I'm hoping for.

                                            Source: via Amy on Pinterest

Tell me what your word is... goals?  plans? hopes for the New Year?
THEN hurry up and get over to Danielle's blog; she made this lovely little
free printable for her readers. Isn't she awesome? I love it!
Mine is going in my office.


Happy Friday everyone!
This is our last weekend off before the kids go back to school next
Tuesday... we gotta make it a good one.
Hope you have a great weekend.

ps- if you haven't already, make sure you leave a comment to be
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good luck!


  1. I just wrote my goal list for 2013, but I didn't write about my word. My word is FAMILY>
    cherish my family.
    time with family.
    love my family.
    be patients with my family.
    so it's all the words you thought would look good on a necklace all summed up into ONE word, FAMILY.
    that's it for me this year.
    I think more than ever, with Michael being sick and not knowing how long we will have him, that the whole idea of our family falling apart, it just makes me want to cherish them even more!
    and you know what?
    I do the exact same thing, I never believe in myself, it's terrible!
    girl, you have so MUCH potential GO FOR IT!

  2. my husband and i always go out to dinner at the beginning of the year and write our goal list. we haven't done it yet. soon.

    my word this year is grace. i want to lead my life more gracefully than last year. showing and sharing grace to others by putting the one who gives us grace at the top. (not the middle) ahh!

    have a great weekend.

  3. love your word girl and it WILL look great on one of her necklaces. you can do it. i know you can!

  4. i love your word! so fantastic and perfect! i have picked the word joy, with a babe coming in to my life i am sure there will be lots of joy but also a lot of frustration and hurdles to over come but i want to be joyful in all those times and treasure each moment with my bebe and husband.

  5. Thanks to you I spent some time really thinking about my word. I dont usually have one, but I think it was high time I did. The print you posted is perfect in so many ways, because my word is FLY. Which really has alot of deeper meaning for me. Long story short, Ive spent way too many years mourning the life I "thought" I was suppose to have and staying in my comfort zone after getting divorced. Time to shake it off, and learn how to fly again. Thanks for making me think :) Hope you have a great 2013 miss amy!

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  8. oh lovely lady. one of my mantras in life is "forward momentum." To me this means that instead of just working REALLY hard ALL day at motherhood...because we all do...I don't care how many kids you have, what ages they is HARD. At the end of the day, when I have worked really hard, sun up to sun down, and I look around and it looks EXACTLY the same as it did the day before...I feel depressed. Like I am tired for now reason. I totally understand that in 18 years I WILL see the fruits of my labor, but tonight it I feel worn out and tired. So every day I look for one thing to do that I call "forward momentum." It means one thing that is not in the "ever day" list of things that are involved with running a family. It might be as simple as organizing my underwear drawer or big like sewing a quilt. is one thing that was done today that yesterday was not. I don't know, it works for me. I end the day with a little bit of forward momentum.

    So my word this year....I think it's enough. Enough with fighting some of the same battles that I need to lay down, all that I have is enough...and the BIG one...all that I AM is enough. I cannot change the way other's think of me...I am simply enough.

    Cheers to a new year...

  9. I love your word ... I make resolutions ... This year I think I made 5 ... I love resolutions and try to be kind to myself through my ups and downs throughout the year ... I think I will try to add a word to accompany me. Have a wonderful 2013.

  10. I'm just like you. I have a hard time finishing things. I adore your word. It is perfect and fitting.

    You will accomplish.


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