{Virtual Coffee :: Happy New Year}

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hey there.
Good morning and Happy New Year!
It's official, 2013 is here.
So grab a cup of coffee and let's chat about this whole brand new year thing...and how you
rung in the new year last night...and whatever else is on your mind.

I talked yesterday about our plans for last night but then Eric ended up working later than we expected
so instead we went out for Mexican, came home, watched some NYE coverage on TV, let the kids do
the silly string(huge mess), made kiddie cocktails + grown-up cocktails....and that was our night.
Believe it or not, Wyatt stayed up until midnight, Charlotte opted for bed around 10:30, and Eric went
to bed around 11:50. I went to bed shortly after midnight myself.
Not super exciting but it was a good night.

So, what did you do to celebrate New Year's Eve?
Do you love it, is it just any other day... do you go out on the town or stay in and celebrate?
I have to say that although I like New Year's just fine I cringe when I see all of the celebrating in
Times Square. You could not pay me enough money to stand in that crowd all day in the cold...
where are the bathrooms? What do people do?

If we were really meeting for coffee this morning, I would tell you....

that my list of holiday failures this year is quite long and one of them is that I never took Christmas
pictures of the kids- so I was determined to take a decent picture of them together for the New Year.
So, we got bundled up and went out in the backyard yesterday morning and I think I got a few good ones.
Just look at those blue eyes!

I started my little list last week of goals for this year....

I have been thinking and writing and trying to figure out my One Little Word for 2013.
I'm not quite sure yet but hopefully it will come to me soon.
I love the idea of a word to focus on throughout the year and Goals or Intentions as opposed to resolutions.
To me, resolutions are: "I will lose 40 pounds"  or  "I will not_____" ....which to me pretty much equals immediate failure,
so instead small goals seem to work much better for me.

What about you?
Goals, intentions, a Word, resolutions...tell me what you do and your thoughts on the New Year?
Read more about the idea behind One Little Word on Ali Edwards' blog, here.
Oh--and speaking of OLW, look at Lisa Leonard's awesome new Word Of The Year necklaces.
I LOVE these so much!!
How cool would it be to have one of these to wear with your *word* on it?

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful first day of this brand new year.
I am excited and hopeful, as always, and will be back later this week to talk more about my WORD,
my goals, intentions and hopes for 2013.

OH! and wanna win an adorable fox COFFEE MUG just like mine up there?
I bought an extra one after Christmas on the Target clearance shelf and thought it would be fun to give
one away at our first coffee date of the new year today.
All you have to do is leave a comment here by Friday January 4, that's it.
You don't have to link up for coffee today, tweet it or any other silly stuff.... although I would love
 it if you did join me for coffee, just leave a comment here.
Good luck!


  1. My one little word is FAMILY, as in, be more present with family, spend more time intentionally as a family, enjoy my family etc.
    life is just so short and fragile and I want us to soak up the memories. savannah has only 5.5 years left at home and ava 6.5 before they leave for college, scary thought, it goes FAST!

    LOVE your pictures and the mug and the necklace!!!
    I need to make a list, but I kind of started one:

    live with intention.
    have more belly laughs.
    love whole heartedly.
    read more books.
    exercise daily, finally RUN 6 miles by my birthday *(october).


  2. I love this Amy. My word last year was "embrace". Still haven't settled on a a word for this year... Have three I'm rolling around and praying over. The Lord really used the whole concept of embracing all the change 2012 brought as an anchor when it got tough. So I'm choosing this years word prayerfully.
    And thank you for the coffee date and chance to win such cuteness. Maybe we can have coffee together in person this year!

  3. Love this Amy. And um, I love the mug and need it in my life. This New Years I haven't figured out my word yet either. And I do set some small goals. But like you said, not like I'm going to lose 40 pds this year bc I'm destined to fail if so. Just small ones that I'm going to do my best at. We also forgot to take pics this year until 2 days before Christmas when we hurriedly got everything together in our backyard. :)

  4. Happy New Year Amy! I do like your idea of a list of intentions....much better than resolutions that I'm destined to fail at. You might even have convinced me to do that for myself!

  5. Loving the necklace! & your handwriting is so great!! my word for 2013 is 'do' to make sure I get everything I plan on doing done!!

  6. I tried picking a word, but came up with lots. Feeling really excited and hopeful what God's going to do in our lives this year!
    Last night we went over to friends, ate chilli, played Apples to Apples, Jenga and Just Dance on playstation. Lots of laughing on the last one! Ha! I would have been fine in my pj's and going to bed at 9pm. But sometimes, a girl just has to air out. Don't be too hard on yourself pretty girl. Your kids will remember the time you spent with them and sometimes you just have to let that be enough. I know have 0 kids, but it sounded good right? :) Happy New Year!

  7. LOVE your approach of choosing smaller goals to work towards/on instead of actual resolutions. That's a great way to do it!

    I love your list, too, by the way. You have some really cool thoughts on it. The listening to records, pushing yourself and being a good example are my three favorites.

    P.S. Don't stress about your word of the year.....it'll come to you! (Last year mine didn't hit me till mid-January.)


  8. Last night I spent New Year's Eve spying on the many wonderful, fun parties going on in the pretty apartment buildings around our Ronald McDonald House window. My daughter, Meg already dozed off feeling ill from the day's chemo treatment and I numbly took in the world outside. I used to be young. The world was my oyster. I had lists and dreams and goals and an unfortunate naive belief that all would be delivered to me based on my sheer wanting them badly enough. Now I stumble upon your sweet blog and wonder what has happened to that girl inside? Am I too old to have lists? Has my taking "time" for granted and rolling from one day to the other for 25 years contributed to the complete loss of myself? This scary time with Meg has me wavering and numb and wondering what it's all about to begin with. I am strong in my faith and filled with wisdom, and then I am numb like an empty shell with nothing left to be a real human being. My word for the New Year, even though the number in and off itself historically dissuades it, is HOPE. I am sad to give up the search for my own castles in the sky. But a good part of me knows it's essential and right to abandon myself to be the tireless, committed caretaker and advocate for my daughter who, at just 21fights cancer.

    Don't meant to be a downer, but I was up working on my blog and was totally uninspired until I read yours.

    Happy New Year. Mary Grace

  9. My word for this year is ACTION, as in TAKE SOME! No more good-intentioning; more doing. Being inspired by Isaiah 58 and 1 Peter 4:10. LOVE this post; happy New Year!

  10. I spent the first half of 2012 doing yoga all the time, and the second half not at all (until a few days ago). I'm learning to breathe again, and with Lily's asthma scare the other week, BREATHE is my word for 2013.

    On a related note, I've been wanting a foot tattoo since I was in HS, but never found anything I liked. Now I'm on the hunt for one with a breathe theme...just need to find a way to make that work.

    Love this post, love your list, love your babies and their beautiful blue eyes! Happy New Year, Amy.

  11. happy new year to you, amy. we always just spend the evening at home with a good meal. no tv except for maybe watching a movie. we went in a friend's hot tub this year at 11 and then my hubbie fell asleep while i was putting the kids to bed at 11:55. haha. i love me a quiet holiday. i've always thought those times square peeps were CRAZY! crowds and cold, yuck!
    i have no word for the year. still thinking on that. while i have goals in mind, i'm looking forward to taking one day as it comes.
    may you be blessed in this new year.
    much love,

  12. Just looked back on my blog and realized that I haven't picked a word/words since 2009! Sheesh! Where does the time go?! Thanks for the reminder and the inspiration!

  13. Oooh, those word of the year necklaces just became my new favorite thing ever!

  14. Last year my word was OPEN. I wrote a blog about it, pinned it, dreamed about it... then LIVED it. All year long I was open. I thought for sure that I would give up on the word like all other resolutions, but it was so much easier to adhere to. This year I've chosen the word PERSISTENCE. I will eventually get around to blogging about it. lol...

    Love the blue eyes! I didn't get any pics for Christmas either. Maybe just one or two that were last second. Maybe one day soon. I love the idea of taking some at a tree farm in the winter.

    New years we spent the night in at home. Every hour we picked a new activity from a bowl. Both kiddos made it to midnight. I was in shock. Nick and I cheered in the after hours with beers & vinyl.

    I wish I would have done coffee yesterday. :) Happy New Year, amy!

  15. I should start doing your coffee's, but I'll blame it on being lazy. Yep, being lazy... ;) Our New Year's was uneventful until we had one start to throw up. Exciting! You know you're a parent when your NYE's festivities include cleaning up puke. Sounds nice to go with your coffee, huh?!?!
    Like you, I always seem to have good intentions, but I sometimes lack follow thru. The past 2 years, I've had what I think is a cute photo idea, to only not get it done. Oh well...
    Happy New Year!

  16. My olw is organize. I want to have my life more organized, that includes my house, my mind, and my body. I don't do well with chaos and i'm hoping being more organized a little at a time will calm my being.

  17. My word is connect.b with kids now teens, with god, with other women.

  18. My word is connect.b with kids now teens, with god, with other women.

  19. you've pointed out a super valid question about the bathroom thing in times square!
    i would be TOAST seeing as i have to pee like 40 times a day.
    classy, i know.
    anyway! those baby blue eyes KILL me! so beautiful, girlfriend!
    i say who needs a word when your going into a new year with those beautiful babies, a loving husband by your side and a GREAT BIG GOD to guide you!
    actually, i like the word idea, i'm just being silly.
    the word 'peace' has been swirling around a lot over here...i want peace in my family, within myself and to share with others the peace that God brings when they trust in Him.
    also, i'm stealing your handwriting.
    AND! i went to bed mad at my honey on new years eve because i was sick and pouty. 9:30 p.m. baby!

  20. Amy,
    I have two words this year "small changes". You will have to read my post!! I have been reading your blog for a few years now and I sense how much you have changed (in a good positive way)...I think it is awesome that you took NY's pics instead!! I love your handwriting!! It is so cool!! And your list :)

    Our New Year's Eve was spent at home with the kids and a few of their friends...have learned not o make a big deal out of it and just kind of embrace what comes along...best part of that day was spontaneously meeting up with a group of friends at the ski lodge and later that night having my 10 year old fall asleep on me :)

    Since one of your goals was to print more pics I wanted to let you know about printstagram! My daughter has a lot of instagram photos and I made 4 mini books for her for Christmas as a surprise!! They are really awesome and all for under 30 bucks, including shipping! So easy and so much fun!! Also, I am following you on instagram now too. my instagram id is cathymskier if you want to follow me!

    A funny thing on the mug is that my husband grew up on a farm called Fox Hill Farm and we occasionally see foxes in our area! Never saw these at our Target, but I am trying to be good and just stick to the list when I am in there..so hard!

    I am thinking about ordering that necklace..what a great reminder of what we want to accomplish!
    hugs, cathy

  21. I totally thought I entered already! Joys of technology.
    My word for the year is Daring (i blogged about it yesterday) and i'm excited for the adventure it will take me on.
    I can't believe i missed that fox mug at target, I adore foxes but i haven't seen it at mine!

  22. I looooove the New Year's pics of the kids. Hello the blue eyes and the one of Charlotte in the tree - DARLING :D


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