Happy Baby Shower Day to Alicia!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hey there!
Good morning and Happy Baby Shower Day to Alicia!

That's right, today some of us are having a Virtual Baby Shower for Alicia of La Famille.
I mean, only bloggers could come up with this kinda stuff right?
I love it... bloggers are some amazing, creative & generous + wonderful women, if you ask me.

So,  at my Virtual baby shower for Alicia today, there would be lots of fresh flowers because one can
never have too many flowers, right?
And these would be just perfect for a gender-neutral shower I think.
Oh-- and for a little background about Alicia + her family; she is already a mama to two boys
and one girl- the boys and then a girl,  in that order.
Baby #4 is due in about 8 weeks and they do not know the sex.
I  LOVE when people don't find out what they are having, I think it is so exciting.

                                          Source: countryhome.com via Amy on Pinterest

Oooooh, the decorations.... My favorite part of hosting a baby shower is always the decorations.
Since this baby is due in the Spring I think lots of yellow and white and maybe even a little touch of
green or gray would be perfect.
I think I might even re-cover some of these cans and jars in different labels... maybe some vintage-inspired baby labels.
How cute would that be?
I would send all of the guests home with at least one of these because they are just so happy.

I am in love with this awesome mobile! How cool is that?
I would hang this up as a decoration over the table at the baby shower and then let Alicia take it home for the baby's nursery.
I love the colors.

1. {via}, 2. {via}

Besides cake, which is naturally a must, I think these deer cookies are the sweetest little things ever.
There would be a big plate of these and everyone would go home with a couple of these wrapped in
cellophane bags with yellow ribbon.
I am dying over this super sweet but simple cake.. and it could be any color but I really love the
white...  and the cake stand is to die for.

                               Source: sofilosophy.com via Amy on Pinterest

I love the way all of these packages are wrapped with the Springy colors and the simple decor.
I guess my shower really has no decorating kind of theme,  just pretty Spring colors and no
over-the-top colors or ideas.
I love using things I already have on hand and being able to use them in different ways, so I would
dig through all of my stash for this party!

                                                        Source: wolfandwillow.typepad.com via Amy on Pinterest

Ahhhh.... Baby Gifts!
Here are just a few fun things I would pick out for the baby... Hmm... I feel like I am leaning a little bit towards  blue.
Wonder if that means anything?
This blanket would be so sweet thrown over a chair in the nursery and the "Be Brave" print?
And since I am a sucker for anything vintage or vintage-inspired, I would not be able to pass up this
Fisher Price Milk Wagon.
It's just prefect and with the pull-string baby will be playing with that before you know it!

1//  2//  3// 4 // 

At this baby shower there would be no games(unless Alicia really wanted them) but lots of good 
food, mothering advice, belly patting... and with a room full of women I am guessing
there would be a fair amount of birth stories being told.
I love hearing other women's birth stories, something I was never quite so interested in until I had a 
baby of my own. 
Women are amazing and every time someone has a baby or you hear their story, you are quickly reminded how true this really is.
I can't wait to see what Alicia has, to hear her birth story and watch as they become a family of SIX.


OH- And Alicia?
Since I will most likely not be having any more babies of my own and because I am sure you 
will have LOADS of extra time on your hands, you know, having a newborn and home schooling three other children and all....
I would really love it if you would occasionally do this so I can live vicariously through you.
Okay? Thanks, friend!

Thanks for stopping by and helping to shower Alicia today.
Best wishes to you, Alicia, for a healthy baby and a smooth transition to being a mother to four.
Not that I'm actually sure that "smooth" and "new baby" really even go together, but you know what I mean....

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  1. i LOVE all of this sweetness, amy!
    the gifts you have chosen are SWOONY!
    that print? the blanket? i die.
    love love love!
    isn't this just so fun?
    if you have some time, you could make those deer cookies and ship some to me, k?
    k. :)
    happy day to you my sweet, talented friend!

  2. Uh I second Mary, deer cookies please. I wish so bad it wasn't "virtual" and we could all be there to shower her in person. This is the next best thing.

  3. I feel SOOOO blessed today by such amazing blog friends! Thank you so much for my shower...and in real life, I bet you would throw a knock-out party. All your vintage goodies would just make all our heads pop off!! :) Thank you so much for making my day.


  4. i was coming by to look for virtual coffee- i miss you this week and last. :(

    BUT, this is so neat. i just love planning/throwing parties to make people feel loved. by alicia's comment, i'd say job well done! :)

  5. Amy, I am SO going
    to pin all of these
    awesome images
    that you included for
    Miz A's shower!!!

    Makes me want to
    throw a HAPPY SPRING
    party, since all my
    close buddies are in
    their mid-40's and
    not planning on any
    more chicks, spring
    or otherwise : )

    What a super fun group
    to shower our little bloggy
    friend. Thanks for the
    cookies, cake and peek
    at springtime!

    xo Suzanne

  6. love this so much. i almost used a picture of the flowers in cans. it's my favorite concept for decor! you are such a sweetie. why haven't i found you before now?! anyways, i so wish we could've been in a big room together yesterday, chatting and eating and celebrating. this was fun, though, wasn't it?!

  7. This is so sweet of y'all! What good friends you are. I love all of the things you chose for her shower. Showers should be done like this all the time. Cute things, fun decor, sweet love-y words, but a lot less work. haha. It is a super cool way to have a shower with ladies from all around the country/world. : )


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