{Virtual Coffee} Catch Up...

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hey there.
Happy Tuesday to you.
I thought it was about time for a little catch-up over coffee this morning... it's been a while.
So grab yourself a cup of coffee and sit down for a little chat with me... better yet, join in by writing your own coffee post so we can
visit YOU for coffee, too. It's a lot more fun that way, really it is.

First, I have to tell you that I am shocked and amazed that today is the last day of school.
Shocked, seriously.
Yeah, I knew May 28 was going to be the last day... but how did it get here so quickly?
Can someone PLEASE tell me that?
My baby's first year of school, of Kindergarten is already over and next year I will have a 3rd grader and a 1st grader....
Say whaaaaat?

So, today is our all day Play Day at the park and yours truly will be there all day working it.
I must say that these things are the reason I am happy that I do not work, this way I get to help out and not feel like I am missing
everything... BUT, I also have to admit that these things are sometimes the reason I wish I did work, too.
Like sometimes it might be nice if I got to just hear about them occasionally and didn't have to experience the chaos first hand.
Uh... whoops, did I just say that out loud?

The rest of this week will be getting ready for our big school Rummage Sale next week and maybe, possibly coming up with a
loose Summer plan.
I mean, I need something... I have got to have some idea of what we are going to do so I don't lose my mind on Week One.
How do you go about your Summer vacation?
Do you play it by ear every day, do you do some planning or are you a total planner, like classes and camps and schedules and
activities planned for the whole summer....?
I'm not a big planner by nature but I need a bit of a schedule and ideas for some things to do at home, too.
I'd love to hear if you have any ideas and what you do to fill your Summer days...Please, share your wisdom.

I plan to do a whole school wrap-up post later on and share more pictures but I had to share one  picture from the Kindergarten
Graduation on Friday.
Now I have to admit that I am not the biggest fan of any graduation, other than High School and College, it just seems kinda silly to me.
BUT, no one asked me and they do have a Kindergarten Graduation at our school and I have to say, it was really cute.
Plus it wasn't too long and it wasn't too hot,  so it was actually very bearable.
The part that got me?
When they announced the graduates and called them the "High School Graduating Class Of 2025" and the "College Graduating
Class Of 2029". Wow. Mama almost lost it on that one.


So I have two more lunches to pack this morning and then I am done until August-- well, not done with making the lunches but with
packing them anyway.
I hope everyone had a nice long Holiday weekend and hope it's a great Tuesday!


  1. Hey Amy, I am past the little kid summer time, and I am sure you thought of this...but we used to fill a jar with tons of ideas on scrap paper (I think one year we did index cards). It was lots of little stuff (shaving cream art, paint every toenail a different color, tent forts, make toothpick towers, that kind of stuff. That gave them a sense of power over the day, and helped with the whining. Also, we tried to track how many books we each read (we all did it). The most successful was when we wrote it on big pieces of butcher paper (I think Kate tracked every word she learned how to read too). Have fun!

  2. Your home is so pretty! I love the colors you have on your walls. Though I'm not much of a fun of graduations either, I do have to say that Kindergarten graduation does sure look cute! Hope you all have a great summer!

  3. 2025- chills. Dude. chills!!!!!

  4. So I am not a mother, but for several years I was a full time nanny for a family who had 6 children. Yes, 6! And I loved it! It was my favorite job ever! Now let me say, I am NOT a planner. But I figured out quickly that in order to not pull my hair out and to keep the flow moving, I had to have a plan. So everyday involved something! A trip to the park or the library or just to get an ice cream cone! Rainy days? Picnics in the living room, movie marathons, dance parties via pandora. Lots and lots of crafts. Also I got them involved in reading big time! Which I noticed your bunch are already readers:)I also did little learning times with them, age approrpriate it. Usually just a worksheet I printed off online. Also naps! or quiet time for the bigger ones. Everyday after lunch for about an hour! It was a must! Hope this helps! I know you guys will have a great summer!


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