Happiness Is... A Donut Party

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Friday morning we had a Donut Party and invited the kid's cousins and my sister-in-law over.
I think those trendy little donut makers might just be one of the best inventions ever.
Like ever,  ever.

And you know that I love any excuse to get out my vintage pitchers and juice glasses.
Oh, yeah.
Listening to music in the kitchen on my little clock radio, while making donuts , with the windows open... while the kids waited
on the porch for their cousins to get here... THIS is what Summer is all about, folks.
I love it(and yes, I know it's only Week One, but I love it).

This time, out of pure laziness, I bought a regular old white cake mix and made the donuts that way, just follow the mixing instructions
on the box like normal.
We did half with cinnamon-sugar and half with chocolate icing and sprinkles, but it was determined that the next time we need
lots more with chocolate icing & sprinkles though.

To me, the perfect Summer balance is having some fun, planned-out , busy days followed by a stay-at-home in our pajamas and do
nothing but watch movies and play kinda days.
Too much of either is not good, not for me and not for them.

I'll be back next week to talk more extensively about our Summer Plans... schedules and camps and ideas and crafts and how
this mama is gonna keep it together all Summer long.
I'm open to any suggestions and ideas... I love to hear how other mamas make it through the Summer- and make it a good Summer
for themselves and the kids.


Happy Saturday,  Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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