Hello, July

Monday, July 1, 2013

Good Morning + Happy Monday to you and Happy July 1st to you, too... I guess. 
Can I tell you something?
By the time July rolls around, and especially the 4th of July, I get a tiny panicky feeling that Summer really is almost over and we
haven't really done anything exciting yet.
Ugh... I kind of hate that feeling.... but I think this happens to me(or I do this to myself)every year.

I have been dreaming of Fairs and rides, the beach and day trips, a few days in Chicago and ice cream parties and cook-outs and.....
WAIT...Crap, we haven't really done any of that yet and time is running out.

Here's the thing- I have relieved myself of the pressure of actually having a Summer Bucket List for the kids and I... I mean, I thought
we would make one and we just never got around to it.
If I'm honest, my main reason is because I'd just be setting myself up for failure and then I would feel like a big loser. Again.

But since it is July and I know there are fewer and fewer days left of Summer Vacation, I am making a mental note of the things I really do
want to do with the kids... and I'm getting started on it this week.
Scout's honor.
I'm also gonna get crackin' on my very own little Summer List, which I mistakenly(ehem) referred to as my "June Bucket List", which I am
now just calling my Summer Bucket List, starting with making a pie from scratch at some point this week.
And yes, I am fully aware that my little list will probably not be completed during the months of July or August, either.
Fully aware, friends.


Be sure to check out my Shop update today, because along with all of the awesome vintage State magnets there is some other pretty cute
stuff there, if I do say so myself. Check it out here.
Hope everyone has a great Monday and hope you join me back here for Virtual Coffee tomorrow morning, the link will be back up
so you can join in. See ya then!

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  1. I feel like you do. We made a list last week but I agree...it can just set you up for failure and who needs that crap? We did add several things that we'd already done so I could check those off right away :)

    AND I will be back here with you for a little coffee tomorrow!


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