{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Good Morning + Happy Tuesday.
I am so happy you are here this morning.
Grab a cup of coffee and make yourself comfortable... we've got  LOTS to talk about!

I planned to get on here this morning and talk your ear off about seeing Pearl Jam at Wrigley Field in Chicago on Saturday.
I still haven't quite gotten over the excitement of seeing them but still don't think I'm quite ready to even talk about that whole crazy + awesome
experience yet... I think that is going to need a post all it's own.

So, tell me what you're drinking, how you're doing and what's going on with you right now.
So grab a set on the front porch with me, I'll even let you have the swing, which is my favorite spot.

So, if we were really meeting for coffee this morning, I would have to tell you that my quick trip to Chicago was a good one.
It was good but so, so hot.
I think with the humidity it was around 100*... we were so gross and sweaty all weekend long.
But I love going to the city, 100* or not,  it was a lot of fun.

I took the train up and met my friends there, I love taking the train because it is easy, not stressful and
with my whole traveling anxiety craziness, it is just the least stressful way for me to get there.
The trip only takes about 2 1/2 hours, which I have to confess is 2 1/2 hours all to myself, to listen to music, read or just chill and I love it.
I will never pass up a few hours of quiet time to myself, I need that so much, it keeps my sanity.

In other news, I am determined to make the best out of our (just over) 3 weeks left of Summer Vacation... it's coming way too fast
but that's not gonna change,  so we need to make the best of it.
And I don't mean trying to cram in all kinds of unrealistic plans that aren't gonna happen... but just really think about what we want to do still,
and enjoy the last few weeks before school starts.

Our plans for the rest of the week include (hopefully) lots of swimming and fun with friends and cousins.
Do you have anything FUN planned for this week?
Any trips you are hoping to squeeze in before the end of Summer?

Sorry I'm so late and a little lame for coffee today...
I've got a lot on my mind and can't even concentrate on finishing this post.
Tomorrow morning my dad is having eye surgery bright and early out of town... I am worried about it as it is the 3rd time for this same
surgery and we are just praying that it works and he will have some vision in that eye again.

Thanks for stopping by here today!


  1. Your dad is in my prayers! All will go well.

  2. It is impossible to write a post when you've got a lot on your mind. And I completely understand "not cramming it in" because I've done that before and it takes the joy out of summer. I can't wait to read about Pearl Jam. I like alone time, too.

  3. Thinking of your dad hon....
    Hoping your mind slows down a little...

    M xx

    PS- PEARL JAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Just got back from a quick trip to the States and my heart is stilling brimming with memories. I love going home and it is one of the reasons I love your blogs and photos. It is so different from where I grew up yet reminds me so much of home.


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