{Virtual Coffee}

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday.
It is early Tuesday morning and I am on the front porch having my coffee.
I planned to walk early this morning, but instead I am under a blanket, candles lit, listening to Pearl Jam on my laptop.
Life is good.
I am hoping, fingers crossed, to have a little bit of time out here myself before anyone wakes up... 
you know that's really not gonna happen, right?
Well, I certainly do... but a girl can dream.

So, if we were really having Coffee this morning...

We would have to talk about this beautiful Summer weather, my Summer Bucket List,
 our last 2 weeks of Summer vacation... and our quick little day-trip away yesterday.

let's start with the weather--

We have had some beautiful 70* and 80* un-Summer weather
the last week or so, with cool evenings that feel like late Summer, almost early Fall weather.
It has been awesome but I am really hoping for some good swimming weather still, too.
Sunday we had a swimming party to go to so the kids did swim although it was pretty chilly, but they didn't really complain,
 because they're kids-- plus there was an awesome water slide they loved.
I guess I am a fair-weather swimmer, I want it to be HOT if I am getting in the water.
Oh, how I do love seeing towels drying on the fence though...
 just feels like Summer. 

If we were really having coffee this morning on my porch this morning, on the swing
 and in the chairs, under blankets...
We'd have to talk about our Summer Lists, or lack there of...
I talked about my plans to make one for the family here ... and then never did and made one for myself instead,
here is the one I started in June ::

1. See a sunrise
2. Visit the Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum
3. Go on a day-long solo photography excursion
4. Make a pie from scratch
5. Get my bicycle serviced and start riding it(and by "serviced" I really mean Eric will do it)
6. Plan a fun, surprise date night
7. See some live music... somewhere, anywhere
8. Lay out by the pool and drink a wine cooler in the middle of the day, just because
9. Have my hand-drawn art printed and listed in my shop
10. Start reading a Classic(Ernest Hemingway's A Moveable Feast is on my list)
11. See a sunset in the country
12. Watch a movie on my Summer Movie List(Jaws, Grease or Bull Durham...)
13. Start the Couch To 5K(again)


So I am making some progress  but there are also a few more things I want to do that
 I have even added yet... I feel like we are running out of time and I am trying not to panic.
School starts 2 weeks from tomorrow... SAY WHAT?
How in the hell did that happen, anyway?
But enough of that for now, I'm still in denial.

Eric off all this week so yesterday we took a quick little day trip(just about 40 mins away) and went to a Museum, lunch at Smashburger,
we visited Lincoln's Tomb and then couldn't leave town before we spent an hour at Barnes & Noble so the kids could start working on their Birthday lists.
It was a good day.

{ Charlotte rubbing President Lincoln's nose for good luck }

So that's about it for me this morning... no big plans for today, I have a whole lot of housework
and some major laundry folding + putting away to catch up on.
How about you?
What are you up to today??

Happy Tuesday...  Hope you have a great day!
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  1. Hi there! I have just found your lovely blog! I just love this idea of creating a summer list! That's great to see you have gotten through most of them :)

  2. Nice catching up! And woohoo on your summer bucket list progress. The bambinos and I never got around to it. First year! I did make mine though... I've only achieved 14 out of 32. Meh. But I HAVE enjoyed my summer... just not the early fall weather. WHAT THE HECK?! I want more HOT days!!!


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