The Happiest Flowers On Earth

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Last week I cam across a Sunflower Garden... It was a whole garden filled with hundreds of sunflowers. Only sunflowers.
And it was right in the middle of town, next to a parking lot, in between a couple of businesses.
It seemed a bit like a random spot for a garden at first, but then again... it seemed exactly right.
Oh, if that was my backyard I would be happy every single day. Every day.
Because really... how couldn't you be?

Charlotte and I walked around and literally oooohed and ahhhed over all of the flowers.
There were bees and butterflies and some of the sunflowers were probably 15 feet tall.
So much yellow, so much happiness.

I know, I know... it's a bit of sunflower overload...
But let me tell ya something, I could post about 30 more pictures and never get tired of them.
OH, and did I mention that we did not even know who this gorgeous little garden belonged to?
It was kind of next to a church and another office building on a little patch of grass...
Charlotte asked me if it was okay that we looked around and I told her that whoever planted all of these flowers and was taking care of this
garden had to want to share it with other people... Right?

Since I just shared like a million pictures of my favorite flower with you, here's a few favorite things I am just LOVING right now...

* this blog. I can't even stand it...and I am no foodie, far from it.... But WOW. Beautiful photos and seriously amazing photography.

* this lady makes me feel a little bit like a slacker BUT motivates me at the same time... how cool is  she? Amazing. And that hair? Love that hair.

* i am totally making these raw vegan chocolate chip cookie dough balls this week. I'm thinking
  they would be the perfect little treat to pack in the first week of school lunches. Yum.

* how awesome is this t-shirt? i'd kinda love to be the mom at the game wearing this shirt, it makes me smile.

* Heather has a bit of a new look over on her blog again and I LOVE it. I mean, I pretty much love everything she does tough...
that mama has got her some style. For dayyyyys.


Happy, happy Wednesday to you!
The kids are back to school today... it's been way too busy/crazy to feel very weird yet... but I think I'm gonna be just fine though! ; )


  1. can you imagine if a daisy and a sunflower got married...oh my!!!!! So I have a lovely sunflower patch out back, several different varieties...should send you some seeds this fall when my girls and I harvest them...I'm pretty sure they would be happy in your yard too!

  2. I feel the same way about the black eyed susan. You can NEVER have to many pictures! These are just simply gorg, darling.


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