I Freaking Loved This Day.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Do you ever have those really good + awesome days, and while you are
  in the midst of the day, thoughts like this cross your mind:

I freaking love this day
This day and this weather is perfect.
I wish my kids could stay this age forever.
I hope my kids always remember this day.
I hope I always remember this day.
I love my nieces and nephew so much.... who knew this is how it would be??
Thank you God for my brother and sister.
I want to live in  the country... I should be living in the country.
I freaking love this day.

Saturday was that day.
A good memory-making, unexpected kind of day.
I loved Saturday.

My sister, sister-in-law and I had planned to take our kids to my uncle's house
 on Saturday to attempt a good picture of the seven grand kids for my mom's birthday this week-
it is all she asked for and pretty much threatened us if we didn't deliver this year.
So deliver we will... I think we ended up with a couple of usable pictures although
 it was a lot harder than I thought it would be.
Someone always had their eyes closed, was looking away, weird smile, picking their nose,
 laughing, pulling their dress up... something... but I think we did it.

My uncle is digging a huge hole in his field where a barn stood over 50+ years ago
and this hole has brought my kids so much entertainment, you have no idea.
A hole + dirt + forgotten treasures = hours of entertainment.
They spent a lot of time in the hole just digging through all of the stuff-- bricks from the foundation, 
glass bottles,  parts of tricycles, pieces of farm machinery... so much stuff.
It was so cool.
They built a fort with the bricks and little rooms and Charlotte was lining up
 all the glass bottles as "sun catchers".
Watching the kids outside, playing and using their imagination with their cousins makes me so happy.
Beyond happy.
It made me wish I could freeze this moment and these days and this stage in our
lives right here... Right now.

After the kids played in the hole and the dirt pile we decided to drive to the next little town
 for supper and ice cream. It was a beautiful night and absolutely perfect weather.
We ate outside at the dairy bar, the kids ate ice cream and acted silly and crazy and just had
so much fun together.
When we got back to my uncle's house we realized we could see the drag races at the race track
from his field, so we stood outside by the pond and watched and listened
 to the races for a while.
It reminded me so much of my own childhood, this was my grandma & grandpa's house,
we grew up hearing the races on Saturday nights right there in the (kinda)country.

This was my favorite find that Charlotte pulled out of the dirt pile.
We think it's a turn signal from an old Ford.
It still has the wire connected to it and none of the glass was broken!
Isn't that amazing?
That has to be from a car from over 60+ years ago... and probably even older.
We brought this home... now just to try and figure out how to clean it up.
Any ideas???

This day was much needed,  for me especially.
There have been a lot of not-so-good ones lately, a lot more than usual due to
stress and just regular old life stuff that is really easy to let get the better of you.
Saturday was a good reminder for me, I needed it.


Today is the last day of September... where do the days and months and years GO?
Happy Monday!


  1. Can't speak for your Mom but, as someone who's eager to be a Grandma, any one of those images with all the kids in it would be cherished!

  2. that first photo is the KEEPER! that should be blown up HUGE!
    so happy you had a lovely day! xoxo

  3. Those are the kind of days that make it all worthwhile, aren't they?


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