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Friday, October 11, 2013

It's Friday.
I'm happy, but the amount of things I have to do this weekend is stressing me out just a bit...
The kids' Birthday Party is tomorrow and I realized last night that the only thing I have for it so far is one package of napkins.
Did you hear me say that the party is tomorrow?

It's getting a bit ridiculous, the lack of blogging or even blog reading going on over here.
I kinda hate to hear people always complaining about being "soooo busy"... because really, who isn't?...  But that is exactly how I feel lately.
Helping at the restaurant and school stuff and life stuff and feeling like I am constantly running around... It's just a bit too much for me.
Plus, I just really, REALLY need to get organized and then things would be so much smoother.
I need someone to come in and organize my life. Seriously though.
Wouldn't that be nice?

A bit of our week via my phone, people, because that Nikon sure hasn't been getting used much lately.

Lunch at a Vietnamese place with Eric-- way out of my comfort zone, but yummy.
 Flip flops still in October? Yep.
 Me & Charlotte
Coffee + a new magazine = Bliss
Taking a walk
Old catholic school
Cousins at the playground

My "office" in the dining room at TapRoot
Me & Wyatt on a pizza date
My mom's Birthday cake
Daddy reading before bed
SOLO drive. Yesssss.
My grandma's old Brownie camera
Veda checking out the pumpkins
Coffee on the front porch

Coffee on the street heading up to the restaurant.

That's it for me today... 
My baby girl turns SEVEN on Sunday... that's on my mind a lot...
Just how fast time goes, how she is growing up and looking so old... I know it is all inevitable,
 but I wish things would slow down just a bit. Just a bit.

Happy Friday everyone! 
Hope you all have a great weekend!

Joining Jeanett at Life Rearranged today. 

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