Ten On Ten :: November

Monday, November 11, 2013

So it's another Ten on Ten and I am so glad I remembered this month.
It wasn't an especially exciting day, but it was a really  BEAUTIFUL  Fall day here in Illinois!
I documented the day with both my Nikon and my IPhone... I was pretty proud of myself that it wasn't just my IPhone  this month.

6:30  :: I got up super early(for me) on a Sunday morning at 6:00 a.m.
Pretty morning light on my office wall while I was having my coffee 
and trying to get a little bit of work done.

7:30 ::  Sun still rising in my backyard.

8:30 :: Working on this little crown for Charlotte outside this morning.
Cardboard + glitter = Perfection for a 7-year old.

9:30 :: So very necessary.

10:30 :: Books in bed while waiting for the bath to get hot enough.

11:30 :: Trying to decide what the kids are going to wear for pictures today...
Nothing like waiting until the LAST minute! I do love the hat though.

12:15 :: Pictures at the park. Let's do this!
Below :: And Done... whew.

Sometime in the afternoon...
::  Around 3:00ish
Truth be told, I lost all track of time, the kids raking to try
and earn a few dollars at my parent's house


Me, tired at the end of the night.
Long day.
A good day but a long day...too much working for a Sunday.
Me thinks this JOB stuff is for the birds.

Happy Ten on Ten!
See you next month where everything will be Christmasy.
Happy Monday, everyone.
Linking up with Rebekah today, go check out more Ten on Ten awesomeness there.

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  1. Your children are magazine perfect!

  2. love these pics! (I love morning light too) - Great shot of the kids (love both the hats)

  3. The last image of your kids melts my heart! Perfection!

  4. Your pictures are always so gorgeous. I really love them all!

  5. Charlotte's hat!!!! Good grief that's cute. And you're looking gorgeous in that last shot. Simply gorgeous, darling.

  6. The lighting on the wall is superb! I am likewise drawn to the slices of light on the large leaf. Lovely images.


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