The Reindeer + My Imaginary December Bucket List

Friday, December 6, 2013

Sunday I dominated my imaginary  December Bucket List.
I mean, assuming I had a December Bucket List, I would have been so proud of myself for knocking two big, awesome things off of it.
In ONE DAY... on the first of December.
We hit the Christmas Tree farm  and  the Reindeer Ranch and it was a good, good day.
That was my attempt at getting my Scroogey self in the Christmas spirit, while getting the kids out of the house for the day and to give
Eric a break as he has been left with the kids a lot lately.

I have to say, the Reindeer Ranch was pretty cool and we had never been so it was something
 new and fun for all of us.
We went with my cousin and her 2 1/2 year old, so it's a great place for all ages of kids.
Here's the website for Hardy's Reindeer Ranch, and if you're in my area, it's in Rantoul, Illinois
 and I would say totally worth the drive, especially of you are going to do something in 
Champaign first, which is what we did.

Interesting Reindeer Fact ::

Reindeer do not have top teeth, only bottom teeth.
Crazy, huh?
The reindeer ate oats and graham crackers right out of the kid's hands.
It was pretty awesome, and their fur is so soft.

I am so glad we decided to go last weekend, it is so cold today and I think it is going 
to be FREEZING this weekend.
I admit, I have some weird issues with Christmas(and in general?!) but last weekend I was reminded that this season in my kid's life is so very short.... I mean, they don't know that I have these issues, 
and I want to make the holiday season as fun and magical for them as I can. 

I think this trip definitely got me a little more excited about Christmas and it did for the kids, 
too, although I don't think they needed it as much as I do!


Happy Friday everyone.
Tell me...
What do you do to get  YOURSELF  in the Christmas spirit?
Or does it take no effort for you at all?
If that's the case,  I think I might be kinda jealous.

Have a great weekend.


  1. I think this year its gonna take a whole lot of spiked egg nog for me to get in the mood. hahahhaha!! kiddingnotkidding. this year has been hard and I feel like I have no creative mojo which is what usually pumps me up for holidays. good luck to both of us, grinches ;)


    ps: thanks for the fact about reindeer teeth. that is good stuff to know.

  2. me, too. lots of high-balls... or something. not sure what my problem is but i'm pretty sick of myself.

  3. love these pictures amy.i usually feel pretty similar around christmas.
    this year is sorta different since we were planning our trip to your land :)


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