Polar Vortex + The Spinning Rainbow Wheel

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Well, hi there.
Good morning + Happy Wednesday to you.

I am seriously so happy to be here this morning, coffee cup in hand, back in this little place
 here that I have really missed quite a lot.
It feels like so much has happened in the last couple of weeks and it feels like I have not been 
here in so long(besides Monday's post).
I was definitely getting to a place with this little blog of mine, where I was really struggling
for what to say...and really just kind of at a loss as to what I
wanted to do here... keep going, stop?
BUT,  nearly 2 weeks of that damn spinning rainbow wheel, you know what
I'm talking about, when everything freezes up and you're staring at the wheel and trying not
 to throw your laptop against the wall... UGH...
I realized that I really missed being here regularly.

Okay, so for starters... Yesterday was  Snow Day #5  for us.
 F I V E... Before the end of January is just crazy.
Sometimes, usually really,  we do not even get one snow day in a school year... this Winter has 
been so weird so far.
So I realize I am not the only parent that has to deal with kids and school closings and snow days...
I mean, some of you home school,  but good Lord, being stuck inside during the Winter
 on these cloudy, freezing, depressing days is a lot for me and my  often-fragile mental state
 to handle(kidding kinda, kinda not).
Summer I can handle.... Winter is a tough one.
Super tough.

But,  we survived and kids are back at school today.
And while they were out they got to-- go swimming and make forts and go see Frozen
with their cousins and go out to lunch and watch way too many movies and stay up late
 and get ice cream(twice) and play the Wii more than I ever normally let them.


Note that this were from our first round of Snow Days where we actually got a BUNCH of snow and it was blowing
 so hard we weren't able to stay out for long at all...
Our Snow Days this week were not actually for snow at all,  but for wind chill and bitter cold temps.
I say if you're gonna miss school, you outta have  LOTS  OF SNOW though...
not just be too cold to leave the house.
No fun.


Bear with me while we figure out these computer problems...
Oh, how I wish a brand-new laptop was in my budget right about now.
That would be dreamy, all fresh and new and totally empty.
A girl can dream, right?


  1. Here is California it has been about 80 degrees every day this week. Just looking at your pictures gave me the chills. I wish a little bit of your cold would blow this way so we could have a real winter.

    1. Oh I would LOVE a little bit of that 80* weather and especially some SUNSHINE ! I do enjoy a real winter but I am always so ready fro Spring already! ; )

  2. Oh Amy I totally know what you mean about not knowing what to do with the whole blog gig. I go back and forth too. But them when I take a break I miss it. And so the goofy cycle continues. But know that although I don't always comment (bad fellow blogger) I really enjoy reading your blog.

    And yes, being cooped up all day when it's bitter cold is HARD. So many annoying noises. :)

    Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

    1. Thank you ! I am the world's worst commenter, I read so many blogs that I love and sometimes in my mind I comment.... but in reality, I don't :) I'm right there with you...miss it love it, hate it, don't know what to do with it... I do think it's a good, healthy outlet for me though at least.
      Happy weekend!

  3. Amy, I am so with you on this whole post!!! As you know we are skiers and you can't ski when the temps are so bitterly cold! Also, I have one kid with a broken arm, so I am trying to keep him as happy as a 15 yr old boy can be when he can't ski or do anything active or fun...and spinning wheel... grrrr... me too!!! Wonder if blogspot hates Macs? I persevered on Saturday because I had to add one more picture to the longest post in history! At least we have instagram!!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pretty pics!! You have always been my favorite blogger! hugs, cathy


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