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Friday, April 4, 2014

W  H  E  W.  It's Friday.
Fridays have taken on a whole new level of excitement for me this week.

If you follow me on Instagram,  you might have seen that I started  a new job here in the last few weeks but this week
was my first actual full week.
Every day.
Like, a JOB job.
Not my at-home job... but an outside-the-home day job.

And wow... it's an adjustment.
I know, I know... for those of you that have been working outside of the home, this is what you have been doing all along.
I am back to it after many, many years and yeah, it's different.
It's good and challenging and... just different.

My Instagrams have probably been a little lot boring this week.... Because I have not been home, or thrifting or having leisurely coffee... sigh.
And it's been rainy + chilly, so when I do leave to run errands or whatever, I am just hurrying to my car.
That kinda sucks... and I apologize(kinda), but you're just going to have to put up with my boring work Instagrams, because I am not
just going to stop taking pictures + documenting my days just because I am working.
Sorry. Kinda.
So yeah, they are just a little different.

So after my first full week(every day, while the kids are at school), I can tell you this;

I am tired.
I don't like getting up early OR going to bed early.
It's kind of nice to use my brain in a different way.
I feel totally out of the loop as far as...Well, working with people.
It's good to be challenged.
My at-home work is still waiting for me every day/night(Shit. That sucks).
I need to become way more organized at home and pretty darn fast, too.
I need some new clothes.
I love the funky Gal's bathroom decor.
I love Friday nights.

That's all.
I think my old ass will be reading a book in bed by 9:30 tonight.


H  A  P  P  Y     F  R  I  D  A  Y  !


  1. I know. I feel like my feed is boring because I'm working too. Even though it's at home, I'm tired and fried most of the time. Where are you working girl?

  2. First of all, wishing you the best of luck for the new job! I wish I didn't have to get up and do this every day and will admit that your blog helped me daydream about being home, having coffee, doing fun things with the kids. I will however also admit that on some Sunday evenings, after a tough week end, I can't wait to get back to the office and my 'alone' time... so on any given day I have a different opinion about the whole job thing... look forward to your 'boring' feed... it is good to see what other working moms are doing around the world. We should create a hashtag!


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