Tuesday Morning Coffee

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Will you just look at that?
That was just Sunday and it was in the upper 70's in St.Louis.... trees and flowers are already blooming there.
B  l  o  o  m  i  n  g.
Today, in Illinois it is supposed to be in the 40's.
On April 15.
I think maybe I'll just become a resident of Missouri.
It' super close.... I could visit a whole lot. Right?
So maybe I shouldn't have said that I thought Winter was officially over in my last post, huh?
Lesson learned.


So I am up before work this morning and ready for an early morning cup of coffee.
Blogging and life and just everything is in a little adjustment period over here because of this whole
working again thing.
It still feels really strange to say "working" and "job".... and it feels even funnier to have to be ready to walk out the door
at 8:30 am when the kids go to school.
You know, the not-so-funny kind of funny.
Not just dressed but hair fixed, make-up and wearing a BRA... and no yoga pants or ratty old t-shirts.
An adjustment,  I tell ya.

So I have a LOT of pictures to share from my girls weekend away this past weekend-- so much fun and I can tell you that I have
not laughed so hard in a long time.
There is nothing better than spending 4 days with 3 of your very oldest girlfriends, that I know for sure.
The weather was absolutely beautiful in St. Louis, and although I missed my little family so much, I 
think we could have found enough to do for a couple more days there.

BUT, that being said, it is really nice to be back home, on my couch under a quilt since it's so cold out there again(BOO), having
my very own homemade latte in my own cup-- not a Starbucks cup.
That is good.

So this morning it's back to reality and all of my regular duties--
Lunch making, getting myself ready for work, doing my first-grader's hair, packing back packs...
Back to soccer practice tonight, homework checking, spelling word practice, dinner making... REALITY.

It really is so good to get a break from the every day once in a while and believe me, I take advantage whenever I can, and
know I am lucky that my husband is able to handle everything at home without me having to worry about anything at all.


Well coffee time is about over for me....
How was your weekend?
Did you do anything fun?
Have you had a weekend away with friends or by yourself,  or with anyone at all lately/ever?
Where would you go if you could?

I think I am already planning the next weekend away in my mind...
Happy Tuesday!


  1. pretty nice blog, following :)

  2. I'm so happy to see you are still doing Tuesday Virtual Coffee. I haven't had coffee with you guys for a long while (maybe 2 years?.) I'd like to visit next Tuesday. Save me a seat and I'll have a little coffee with my salted caramel creamer.


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