{ Virtual Coffee }

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Good Morning.
Happy Tuesday and welcome to Tuesday Morning Coffee,  better known as Virtual Coffee around here.
It's early and I am up early, something I have vowed to start doing once the weather got nicer(but damn! it's so hard!) and thought this
morning would be the    p  e  r  f  e  c  t    morning to start this new brand new morning habit of mine.
Hopefully it lasts longer than all of the other times I have attempted it.

So yes, I am out on the porch this morning and I am so happy the days are back of coffee on the porch or the
back patio, this little thing makes me SO happy.
Deep breathing on the patio, staring off into space + smiling at my string of lights last night and coffee drinking on the porch this morning.

Getting to bust out my lights, candles, rugs, quilts... it is just so good.
That hell-on-wheels of a Winter is actually behind us.
{I wasn't entirely convinced, it was that bad and that long!}

So, if we were really meeting for coffee this morning, on my porch or on yours or wherever, we would have to talk about how May is the
craziest month ever... Right?
Like it practically ties with December, or comes in right under for us I guess.
And speaking of May and of pure  C  R  A  Z  I  N  E  S  S...
Including today, we only have 6 days of school left.
Like, SIX.
That seems pretty much absurd to me and pretty freakin' scary too... First and Third grade almost over?
Craziness I tell ya.


So, this past Saturday was the last soccer game of the Spring season and possibly because it's such a short season I have to say that I wasn't
quite ready for it to be over, I really wasn't.
And that actually kinda surprised me.... I'm like a soccer mom now you guys, it's weird.
And in case you missed my soccer/baby growing up post, read it here.
So the Bears(Wyatt's team) lost yet another game, something to zero(again) but I was just so proud of him and he
got a medal and honestly I think that's all he cared about.
After the game we stopped somewhere and a man made a comment about how he must've just had a soccer game and asked Wyatt how it
went and he answered "Good!"
Ha! I mean, yeah, besides the whole losing 7-0 or whatever again, it was good.

The rest of our weekend included getting a big tree removed in our backyard, which was very much overdue, car shopping(BOO!)
and hitting the road Sunday for a quick Road Trip to the Third Sunday Market in Bloomington.
I need to do a whole post on the flea market because I took a bunch of pictures and there were so many things I wanted to take home!
The highlight of our day might have been the mini donuts and lemon shake-ups though...
And doesn't this picture just scream Summer?

Lemon shake-ups and Ferris wheels and funnel cakes...
Summer really, really is almost here you guys!
Charlotte already started working on our Summer List after driving past a pool in Bloomington on Sunday that had  a big, fun water slide.
It's going to be a little trickier to fit everything in this Summer since I will be working so I think an
official list is in order pretty soon.


Well I need to finish this coffee up and get moving, I am going on a Field Trip to the Zoo today with the first grade class.
It's an all-day trip and Miss Charlotte is so excited she said she could hardly sleep last night.
Remember those days?
It was the coolest thing ever when you got to miss an entire day of school.

So my cup is almost empty....
Let me know what you are up to these days... What are you drinking this morning and where are you having your coffee?

Hope you all have a great day, thanks for stopping by my little place today.


  1. hey friend! wish I had a porch to have my coffee on!
    I am catching up on blogs , barely ever get to read them anymore!
    I really need to update my checkbook and clean my house. yuk.
    my girls have like 10-13 days left. can't wait to not have to go anywhere!
    i need to start getting up earlier!
    have a great tuesday!

  2. Man, it really hits me how fast time is passing when I see you talk of Charlotte making a summer list. Didn't that just happen like a few days ago? Sheesh. I'm really sorry about your car situation. That totally blows. I hope you find a new one that you fall head over heels in love with!


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