Hello Summer Vacation + 49 Cent Ice Cream Cones

Monday, June 2, 2014

This weekend was hot and humid and pretty relaxed, I even got a few mosquito bites.... Yep, Summer is here all right.
It is June 1 and right now it feels so exciting because we have the whole Summer ahead of us... the whole Summer.
That feels really good.

I'm looking forward to slower days, no homework and no packing lunches for a while.
I am ready to relax a little on bed times and screen time(a little) and to make new memories with my two favorite kids.

I am ready for sunscreen and bathing suits, a ridiculous amount of popsicles and later nights.
I am really, really looking forward to Fridays because Fridays I will be off and hanging out with the kids.
Friday will be for rummage sailing and adventures and just hanging out at home in our pajamas.

I'm looking forward to a little sun tan, homemade milkshakes and McDonald's 49 cent cones.
I'm not even gonna lie.
Getting us all 3 an ice cream cone for under $2.00 ?
Yes please!
I'm looking forward to Summer music and lots of time outside.
I'm ready to clock many, many hours on the front porch and the back patio.
I'm looking forward to twinkly nights and looking at the starts through the trees in the back yard.

I'm looking forward to garden tomatoes and an excuse to wear my hair in a bun on top of my head every day.
Every day(see you in September, curling iron and straightener!).
I'm looking forward to no socks and flip flops and kissing those rubbermaid containers full of coats, hats and gloves goodbye until the Fall.
The thing I think I am looking most forward to is the BLUE Redneck Pool that will be popping up in our backyard next week.
Sure we have plenty of friends and family with pools and a pool close by we could join, but swimming in my own backyard and not worrying about
my bathing suit and thatw hole depressing situation, or remembering to pack stuff for the day,
or if I shaved my legs or not...

Is school out where you are?
Has Summer vacation started yet?
What are you looking most forward to this Summer?


Happy, Happy Monday.


  1. I'm right there with you on the 49 cent cones from McDonalds!!!

    1. Seriously though, Jenn! i am all for "good" ice cream but you can't beat us all 3 getting ice cream for under $2 ! : )

  2. Hello there, I'm writing you from Italy, here we are approaching schools end (this Friday will be our last, yuppiee!) and as you wrote, means for a mum, working or not, the end of yelling and screaming and running from here to there.....
    It's really funny and interesting for me reading what you write every single time, it makes me comparison my life to yours from a part to the other of the ocean (sorry for my English!) and realise how many similarities there are between us.....you are a really great writer and it's always a pleasure read your things! Have a nice day, Barbara


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