Thursday, June 5, 2014

Lately my mind goes from wanting to relax and enjoy the days away on the porch swing, to wanting to pack everything
up(okay, not everything)
and go on an adventure somewhere for a month with my family.

Then right back to wanting to float on a raft all Summer in the backyard, sunbathing.
Then right back to wanting to pack up everything and take a road trip with my girlfriends to Nashville to get away and think and sleep
in and have no responsibilities--- and, and.....

My mind is constantly going from one thing to the next.
Lists of what needs to be done, to tearing up the lists because I don't seem to have any time or motivation to do it all anyway.
It's not an even a "funk" which I will definitely fall into sometimes.
It's not unhappiness either.
Do you ever have times like this where you can't figure how you feel or what's going on...
Maybe you're feeling stuck or ready for a change... or something but you just don't know what?

Or is it just me and I am totally and completely nuts?
You know that's definitely a possibility, too....

That's just where I am lately. 
And I think it's okay to be here and just try to figure it all out as I go. 

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  1. Normal!!! Completely normal! I love/hate those in-between transitions (is that what they are?), and I have yet to figure out how to escape them. I think they are just part of the plan. Happy summer, loving your photography as always:)


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