Capturing Beauty Photo Collaboration /// Week 2 : Noon

Monday, October 20, 2014

So for two weeks now Lisa and I have been doing a photography collaboration project capturing the beauty of October
as we each see it.
We both take a photograph every day around a weekly prompt and share them side-by-side each week.
This week our prompt was noon... although I consider noon to be lunch time I think it's interesting that neither of us photographed
lunch or a meal or anything like that.

Last week I said that Lisa lives in Switzerland but she lives in Sweden... and I knew that, but I typed Switzerland.
I think I like our set of pictures this week even better than last week's set.
I love her cat photos the best I think.

This week we are capturing night and we will both share them next Monday.

Hope your Monday was a good one and your week is off to a good start... I am still trying to recover
from the weekend.
It was so,  so good.
More on that tomorrow!


  1. Fun! I also liked her cat pictures. :)
    I loved that chair picture from yours! And your last one is gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Virginia! I really wish I could've brought that chair home with me : ) I need a set though plus they were WAY overpriced!
    In the last picture, that is an abandoned building by what used to be a train station years and years ago. It looks really cool!


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