A Lazy + Productive Kinda Weekend

Sunday, February 22, 2015

This past weekend was a good one... a favorite weekend of mine this Winter probably, now that I think
about it.
Weekends are good for different reasons and "productive" in different ways.
And it was productive - But probably not in the way you're thinking.
I didn't get much done around the house... And by "not mcuh" I actually mean nothing.
Ummmm... There are still about 5 loads of laundry to do.
I didn't mop the kitchen floor(again) although it really needs it. BAD. So if you come to my house and into
my kitchen, just don't look down. Thanks.
I didn't go through the cubbies and stacks of school papers that are beyond overflowing, we didn't sell a single Girl Scout cookie...
And I could care less.

What did I do?
+ I slept in.
+ I had slow coffee Saturday and Sunday morning...no hurry or rush and nowhere to be... I just     enjoyed it over cartoons and some reading + music listening on the couch.
+ I hung out with Stanley(the dog formerly known as Choo-Choo) a lot.
+ I took a little walk around the neighborhood with the kids(in our pajamas) Saturday morning when  we woke up to about 7-8 inches of snow. It was a perfectly beautiful snow that we couldn't get  enough of!
+ I went to bed early one night and the other night I went out to dinner to celebrate a friend's birthday  and had an awesome meal + a fun night out with some friends I don't see very often.


It was good and relaxing + fulfilling in just the way you need sometimes, especially when things are feeling busy and crazy in your head and on your calendar both.
I think it's so good to have these weekends every once in a while, where you barely get out of your pajamas(the best!)...
The kind where you are actually kind of mentally ready for what Monday and the week ahead has in store for you.
How was your weekend? What did you do/not do this weekend?

Hope you have a good Monday and a great week!


  1. Sounds like perfection to me.
    (And lovely pic. Those birds!)

    1. Shannan- I go thtat bird runner thingy(that's honestly kindar janked together and not really finished) at a thrift store for a whole 25 cents.True story and beaming with pride.

  2. Your weekend does sound perfect:) While hubby was out with his friends Friday night< I went out with my 2 teens and a friend and her 2 teens for Indian food! We've been trying to do that for a bit and so nice when your kids want to hang out with you at their ages!! Despite the sunshine it was a cold weekend so stayed in and did a bit of housework…and stayed up way too late watching the Oscars Sunday…do you watch? I feel like there are a few more movies I need to add to my must see list now...

    1. Elisabeth- Out for Indian with a friend and all the kids sounds fun to me! I often wonder how my kids will be in a few years... Will they be too cool/embarassed to be seen/do anything with me? :)
      I did watch some of the Oscars and I guess I wasn't super impressed this year? I went to bed early thoguh because I've got this crappy cold that I can't get rid of, so I missed a lot. We always make snacks and appetizers and have some champagne during the Oscars though. That's always fun! There are several movies I hoped to see before the Oscars that are still on my list because I never got around to seeing them.
      Hope you have a great week!

  3. Completely agree with everyone else, this sounds like a perfect weekend. I spent my Sunday doing housework, I know who's weekend I prefer the sound of :) x x x

    1. Gem- Unfortunately I will probably be catching up all week and this coming weekend on my neglected house/housework.... that's the downfall of doing ONLY what you feel like you doing for a whole weekend! :) BUT... I still say it was worth it. Hope you have a great week!

  4. I love those kind of week ends. On my week end, I flew back from a quick visit to the States (a great few days, so no complaints there) and had snow issues getting to airport plus massive delays, unpacking, organizing for work/school, laundry and jet lag so I would LOVE a slow coffee kinda morning now!

    1. Oh, fun! Where in the States did you go? The weather here has been bad, not good for flying that's for sure! Flying/traveling stress is enought to push me over the edge, hope you fared better than I know I would have ;) The worst part is definitely coming home and dealing with the mess. Hope you get some time to relax and caught back up on everything soon!


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