All The Feelings & More On Mother's Day

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sunday was a good day, a great day really.
I felt(and feel) so fortunate to be able to spend Mother's Day with my family.
My little family + two of the most important women in mylife- my mom and my sister.
Waking up to handmade gifts and cards the kids made at school... That never gets old.
Ever. Those will be some of my most cherished things as long as I live. And not just because they are cute and handmade but because they are so proud and seriously just so excited to give them to you.
I love that feeling.

But as good as a day it was for me, and it truly was, I cannot help but think of those not having a happy Mother's Day. The ones that are in pain and hurting and alone on Mother's Day.
It seems so wrong and so unfair that so many are dreading a day that most of us look forward to-
a day that we are pampered and loved, one many are spending with someone we love and that
loves us back.
A day that literally every other post on Facebook and Instagram and twitter is about...
TV shows and ads and commercials... you can't get away from these days if you tried. Truly, you couldn't.

I have a friend who lost her dad, unexpectedly, just the day before Mother's Day.
I know someone who lost her four-year-old child last month.
Friends who are estranged from part or all of their families.
People that are just plain alone on many days, including yesterday.
Women who have lost children before they were born or who have yet to become mothers, despite their hopes to have a child of their own.

I cannot help but think of my own struggle with infertility and the Mother's Days that would come around and I still wasn't pregnant and still did not have a baby... Those days were hard. Very hard.
And I hate that other people have to have those same days and years that I did...
Where you truly do not know if you will ever be there, if you will ever be celebrating with your own children. The not knowing part is beyond tough.

I don't have a pretty way to tie this post up.... It is what it is.
While I am so grateful and truly realize my own blessings, and try my best to live in the moment, my heart still hurts for those that were not celebrating like I was Sunday.

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  1. The words in this post are so beautiful, you really are such a sweetheart x x x x


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