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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Good morning. 
So it's Thursday which means it is almost Friday, which means... The weekend is just around the corner. That is a good thing because it's just been a bit of a rainy, dreary + somewhat depressing week and going back to work after a week off is never easy anyway.
I am up early this morning and let me just say that I am doing pretty damn good with the whole being able to get myself up and out of bed lately.
When I do get up early, I have been trying to get up by 5:20ish and I have to say that I feel really good when I do. It starts my whole day off right.
My next step is to actually get up, get out of my pajamas and exercise a couple mornings a week.
I'll get there, but man...that one is tough. Oh how I do love staying in my pajamas in my quiet house while everyone else is asleep.
This week there are so many little things and big things running around in my head- just life things.
Important and not important things, but there's a lot there, swirling around.
This is the time when I know it is good for me to get some quiet time to myself, to get some perspective. Away.
I thought vacation would do it- But come on now, what was I thinking?
Vacation is good for many, many reasons but rest, quiet and relaxation would not be one of them, unless you went on vacation alone. Right?
Last night Wyatt and I went to see Jurassic World, just the two of us.
Let me just say that this is not something I would normally go see, I actually don't even think that I have ever seen the first Jurassic Park all the way through- or maybe I have only seen previews?
Anyway, I knew Wyatt wanted to see it and it was a great night, just the two of us.
And the movie?
It was pretty entertaining and since it wasn't my usual kind of movie to see, I probably liked it even more.
Afterwards I asked Wyatt to indulge me in a country drive because it was almost sunset and I was looking for some wildflowers and it was the perfect evening for it. He did.
I love having time with just one of the kids, it's just different. And good.
He indulged me for quite some time and then of course I ended up driving wayyy farther than I planned to and eventually he put on his headphones and watched some of The Lone Ranger and I drove in silence for a while.
This beautiful sunset we saw and all the bunnies at sunset and driving down roads with cornfields on both sides and whatever was blooming that smelled so sweet.... was just perfect. All of it.
Last week when we were driving through the mountains I was so happy to see something other than cornfields and soybean fields and just something different. It was refreshing.
BUT last night I was happy to be able to see wide open flat land whee you can see the entire sunrise and sunset....and the fields and all of the memories I have attached to cornfields in general.
Silly childhood memories that make me smile.
On the hard days you have to look for little pieces of beauty where you can find it...
Even if that means in the tie-dye, sunburst oil puddle in the parking lot of the thrift store.
Gotta do what ya gotta do, right?

And lastly, my pitcher of wildflowers from the night before, cut hurriedly from the sides of the country roads.
These make me just too happy. I love the wildflowers that grow along the roadsides and if I lived in the country I would cut some for the house(and myself) every single day.
Also- If I keep getting up so early I think I am going to have to start having a second cup of coffee some days, usually I only have one.
By the time the kids get up and I am getting ready for work a few hours have passed already since my first cup and I find myself wanting a second.

If you are still reading here, thanks for reading.
Some days I have a million things to say, some days nothing, many days there are things I would like to share but don't... And still more days when I wonder if I want to continue writing/sharing here or not at all anyway.
Enough of my rambling though....
Have a great day!


  1. I know just how you feel about sharing thoughts and feelings. It's as if typing it out here and hitting that publish post button somehow makes it seem more real.
    I do love reading all your ramblings though, you are always so honest. You just seem so grounded and so true to life, your not one of these people who walk around wearing rose tinted glasses and I like that. But at the end of it all you ahve to do what is right for you, not anyone else.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend my lovely x x x x

    1. Awww..... thank you, Gem. Sometimes it is a battle between wanting to be honest and not act as though life is all sunshine and rainbows and not getting too personal or sharing anyone else's business for all the world to read :) Thanks for your kind words, as always, and hope your week is off to a great start!

  2. Still reading friend. :) Nothing beats a drive thru the country to refresh your mind a little.

    1. Rachel- it's true! it's like an instant calm for me and lord knows my crazy self needs that! Have a great week!

  3. That's great how you have been able to enjoy some quiet early mornings…does help to put you in the right frame of mind:) Enjoy your blog and wish I could get motivated to use mine more often. I think focusing and writing things down is a healthy creative exercise.

    1. Elisabeth- That;s exactly what I think, it is great creative exercise and just getting things out, even if they are not super-personal or anything important or life-chaging, it is great therapy for me! Also, my memory is horrible and how would i remember anything from my kid's childhood, like little details and things we did, without this blog? lol. Sad, but true. : ) Have a great day!

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