Nine Random Things On A Sunday

Sunday, January 3, 2016

1. Coloring as meditation, 2. THIS sunset...You have no idea how HAPPY this made me! , 3. Stacks of magazines to look through at the book store- one of me + Charlotte's favorite things to do.
4. I have spent way too much time hibernating in my bed lately, 5. Coffee in bed(See #4), 6. Sunlight, praise Jesus!
7. Twinkle lights forever, 8. Still no snow and it's January. Crazy., 9. Little Reminders everywhere.



  1. I'm playing catch up today with all my blog reading so apologies for such a delayed comment but I just wanted to wish you a happy new year.
    That sunset is truly breathtaking, such gorgeous colors, It makes me happy just seeing a photo so I can imagine how it must have made you feel seeing it for real, i do love a good sunset :) x x x

    1. HI Gem! Hope your new year is going good as well! It has been busy and cold but not a lot of snow here, it definitely has me yearning for Summer days and Summer sunsets though! :)

  2. Love your photo grouping! I also love Bella Grace magazine:) Been trying to complete some creative projects but hoping this coming weekend to finish them up. I can't believe it's almost the end of January….bring on the sunshine, please!!!

  3. Hi Amy, You newest post (the one from today) showed up in my blogger feed, but can't be accessed and says "the page doesn't exist"? Thought I'd pass this on…I so appreciate how hard it is to find time to sit down and type a post! maybe repost it?

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