My Dream Channel

Sunday, September 27, 2009

So last night the husband was at the cabin with the guys, the pirate party was over, the house is picked up and I am in my pajamas with a glass of wine ready to watch something on tv. But I want something good. I want something really good to watch while I sit and work on birthday invitations. After realizing that there was nothing on I put in "You've Got Mail",  an old reliable favorite. So I got to thinking about my dream channel...what would be on it...and why is it that we can't customize channels anyway?

So here is what is playing on my DREAM CHANNEL:

Laverne & Shirley
Love Boat
Remington Steele
Old Saturday Night Live re-runs
Charlie's Angels
Happy Days
My So-Called Life (remember Jordan Catalano? *sigh*)
Gilligan's Island
Good Times
The Facts of Life
Mork & Mindy

I know there are a lot more, this is just what comes to mind right now.
So, what would be on your Dream Channel?


  1. Mine would include (in addition to many of yours):
    Golden Girls
    Designing Women
    Family Ties
    Mad Men
    Little House on the Prairie
    Old All My Children reruns (Why can't there be soap re-runs)
    90210 (original)
    Highway to Heaven
    Cosby Show

  2. How could I forget LHOTP? That would definitely be on my channel, so would Family Ties. I like your list!

  3. oh where do i begin....
    friday night lights
    arthur (yes, the cartoon)
    kate and allie
    hillstreet blues
    the office
    the pee wee herman show
    punky brewster
    sesame street (the ones from the 70s and 80s)
    hbo documentaries

    great idea amy!

  4. yes-Friday Night Lights! And oh, how I loved Punky Brewster...I would have to make a separate channel just for kids shows!

  5. Wait what about Fantasy Island!! When I was Drew's age it was all about Saturday nights with Love Boat first and then Fantasy Island.Other than that you covered most of my favs Amy. But I would have to add ALF and Diff'rent Strokes....and I see Cass added Family Ties. Mom and I were just discussing the other day the FT episode where Alex and Ellen break up and they play the song "At This Moment" and we both felt like we had tears in our eyes! Got that song on the ipod:)

  6. Oh, Fantasy Island! That was definitely a favorite and so was Diff'rent Strokes--now, I could do without Alf but I'm surprised you didn't add M*A*S*H! I think I would add that just for the opening music. Love it!


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