Back On My Feet

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oh, it feels so good to be back on my feet again today and feeling so MUCH better than the last few days! (And speaking of feet...don't you just love my cute little shoes I got on clearance at Target a few years back?) SO...I really should get caught up on everything that I haven't done around the house this week but first I have to bust a move on the kids' Halloween costumes...we have Boo At The Zoo and then Wyatt's "Pretend Parade" (aka: Halloween Party) tomorrow. I need to buy all the Halloween candy and we still have to carve our pumpkins... I also need to make my little princess her wand-oh, and I use the word "princess" very loosely today as she has been a very un-cooperative little girl, and very UN-princess like since she climbed out of bed this morning. So much to do to prepare for Halloween but I am just glad to be up and around and able to do it all...and now I'm starting to get really excited for Halloween!

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