Fall Walks And One Embarrassed Mom

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yes, I am still going on about how pretty it is here right now   and we are trying to take at least one walk every day while it is nice out. Last week it was rainy and gloomy and before I know it it's going to be snowing here in Illinois so we need to take advantage while we can. The trees are so pretty right now and we have been taking our little bags with us to collect lots of leaves--we have found huge leaves, heart-shaped leaves and every few steps Charlotte finds "tiny, adorable leaves." So yesterday we were on a walk and I guess I was looking off another direction because before I had a chance to look back up Charlotte says, "Some people sure do have big, fat bellies!" At first I thought she was talking about me so I looked at her and was just about to give her a lecture about how that is not nice and we shouldn't say that--but instead I look a few feet in front of us and there is a woman dressed all in purple walking a dog wearing a purple sweater and YEP, she had a pretty big belly. And YEP, she heard Charlotte. UGH. Guess we will be taking a different route today, just in case!


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