Leaves, Leaves, Leaves.....

Sunday, November 1, 2009

We spent the morning raking up leaves...and leaves and more leaves. They look so pretty on the trees and they are so much fun for the kids to play in but MAN, that's a lot of leaves. Which means a lot of raking. And bagging. But remember how much fun it was to jump in the leaves after your parents raked them up in big piles? And just walk through them, kick them, throw them...and have leaf fights? Our leaves are still a little wet because we have had so much rain lately but it didn't seem to bother the kids. Too bad we can't still burn leaves because I LOVE that smell and it definitely brings back many childhood memories.

After a relaxing Sunday I am headed out on a date--dinner AND a movie while the kids are with their grandparents. hOoraY!!! We are finally seeing The Informant, which was filmed here where we live and although it has got mixed reviews I must admit I am super excited to see it because of the food--
my brother prepared the food for one of the scenes. Exciting!

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