Just When You Think No One Is Looking.....

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Most of the time I do forget that people may actually be reading this. Like if I want to,  I can talk about people I actually know in real life or discuss things that are personal to me but-wait-people that know me may actually be reading this for all I know. Oh yeah.....it's that whole public blogging thing. Although I don't need the feedback to continue blogging, sometimes it is nice to get it and it is very much appreciated. I especially like it when I talk about something that really hits a chord with someone else (music, favorite tv shows, embarrasing moments with children), no matter how small of a thing it may be. Over the past month a couple of my Flickr photos were showcased on a couple of different photography blogs. A picture of the kids was picture of the day for the One Word Project at Shutter Sisters, you can see it here and a photo of my favorite vintage ornaments is here. These were all a big deal to me because I read these blogs and look at these photos myself and admire the talented people that took them. My favorite though was a picture of Charlotte wearing a dress Eric's grandma made (over 60+ years ago) that was chosen as Picture Of The Day here at The Maternal Lens. Wow. Just when you think no one is looking. And if they aren't looking? Well, that's okay too, because I would still be taking these same pictures but a kind word or compliment can sometimes just make this stay-at-home-mom-trying-to-hold-it-all-together's day.

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