So,  yesterday I literally spent the entire day in the kitchen making and baking Christmas treats for everyone, until about 10:00 last night. Wow, that was a long day.  I was only able to do it because Eric was home and I didn't have to worry about the kids. I got everything packaged up last night then me & the kids got ready and headed out late this morning to deliver them. We called to let people know we were on our one was home. Oh yeah, everyone is out trying to finish their Christmas shopping and last minute errands. So we made a couple deliveries then stopped at Panera for a break and some gingerbread bagels and chocolate milk. Hopefully we can get the rest delivered tomorrow morning.
Wyatt was a big help yesterday, his main job was the sprinkles, he was Manager in the Sprinkles Department and very proud of his work...almost too proud, going a little overboard at times but that's okay. I'm so happy to have that out of the way because there are still a couple last minute things I am still working on here at home. Hope everyone is having a good week--hope you are getting all of your last minute things done and are able to have fun while doing it!


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