I was able to get so much done today without the kids, it was sooo nice. I mean-love the kids to pieces but they are not so easy to shop with-I mean really shop-and you can't blame them. Here's where I went:
Walmart, Target, bank, Post Office, dollar store, Walgreens, Starbucks, grocery store. All by myself.
I love Judy. Love, love , love her. When I called to tell her I was on my way she told me not to come yet, they still had a few more things to do (!) so I did my grocery shopping and then took the groceries back home before picking them up. The kids painted, made Christmas ornaments and had a great day. Oh yeah, I did have to buy a little something for myself, I've been wanting to watch it since last week so I bought myself Love Actually today. Oh and in all my excitement this morning over my shopping day I almost forgot about Bench Monday so I had the kids jump up and take a quick picture on the way to the car. We got a teeny, tiny bit of snow last night and you can just barely see it here. The kids were so excited though.
Hope you had a great Monday!


  1. what is bench monday? does it mean you take a picture on a bench? i've seen it a few places and am clueless. and did you make that grateful dead lunchbox? that is too cute! could i have charlotte's wardrobe for myself please. hope you enjoyed your day off -- i get that on thursday with some family friends who watch the girls each thursday - love it!!

  2. Yes, Bench Monday is a group on Flickr; you take a picture on a bench on Monday and post them to the group--it's fun and now the kids say on Mondays, "we need to find a bench!" : ) Here's the link:http://www.flickr.com/groups/1040132@N20/pool/.

  3. OH--the lunch box, yep, it's just a big sticker. The kids love toting all their junk around in lunch boxes. Oh,wow~every Thursday? I would be in heaven!


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