Sometimes My Mommy Likes To Say Dammit....

Sunday, January 24, 2010

This weekend I was lucky enough to have two one-on-one dates-wait, does it sound like I'm on The Bachelor?-and not with my man but with each of the kids. Yesterday Wyatt and I delivered muffins, he got a haircut and then we stopped to get him a chocolate shake because you always get ice cream after a haircut, just a little tradition we have.

Then today Charlotte and I took a girls-only trip to Target for a little shopping, coffee at Starbucks (me) and a snack for her. While we were sitting at the little bar that looks out onto the parking lot, Charlotte looked up and said, with what felt like a megaphone; "Well, she's lookin' a hot-mess!" And in Charlotte's defense, she really did (pajama bottoms should stay in the house) but thankfully only the people inside Starbucks heard that. Ooops. And in my defense? Well, I do use that phrase but it is usually while looking at myself in the mirror, not showered yet, hair piled on top of my head, in my pajamas. This reminded me of another time, not too long ago, that she again embarassed me at Target. When we got to the check-out the cashier asked Charlotte if she was out shopping with mommy today and instead of just saying yes she had to add; "Sometimes my mommy likes to say dammit." Ummm...yeah, totally random, unnecessary...and true. Well, whatcha gonna do with that one?



  1. could she be any cuter? i really don't think so. i love her humor! i hope she is just like you were - sarcastic and always funny!

  2. OMG, Amy!!!! This made me laugh...hard...for the first time all day today. And I may go read it again. Thank you! I needed to laugh and this is just great!

  3. ha-she is definitely something else! : )
    and I think I'm lucky dammit is all she told on me for....

  4. omgawd! i love it. i needed a good belly laugh this morning :0) thank you


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