Talking Bossy....and other stuff.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Today while I was slaving away in the kitchen and Charlotte was at the dining room table coloring I asked her to do something (or not to do something, I forget) and the little angel talked back to me in a bossy little tone, which I did not like. When I informed her that she was not allowed to talk back to me like that she answered that-Oh, no, she wasn't talking to me at all, it was just the red marker talking bossy to another marker. Oh, really? Well then that is totally acceptable. I just really couldn't think of anything to say to that one, so I didn't. And who knew markers were sooo bossy, anyway? Maybe someone needs to come in and put all the markers, crayons and various art supplies in their place because apparently it's not my children at all.

Ans another totally unrelated thing.....How is that I forget every year how looonnngggggg winter really is? It is rough living where we are basically confined to the house for several months. I want a morning walk by myself, an afternoon walk with the kids and to go play on the playground tomorrow. And where is the SUN anyway? I'm over Winter.

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