Cupcake Taunting & Detoxing

Monday, March 29, 2010

Okay, so I have had  quite a few questions about the whole Detox thing, so let me break it down for ya. I have been referring to this as a "Detox" for lack of a better word.....still can't come up with anything else so that's what it will stay. Last Monday I began five days of trying to eat primarily fruits and vegetables to jump start weight loss, eliminate junk and to possibly feel better, but primarily weight loss. I am not following any kind of diet or program, just winging it. I successfully made it Monday-Friday of last week following this plan with just a few exceptions. I was/am trying to cut out: most sugar (I know it's in some things I am still eating), starches, grains, dairy, caffeine. I am already a vegetarian and have been for about sixteen years, so I didn't have to cut the meat part out. In addition to eating fruits and vegetables, I have had a couple of hard-boiled eggs, honey, peanut butter, raw almonds and cheese. I had crumbled blue cheese on one salad last week and it was so good, totally worth it. Initially I was hoping to make it until Wednesday of last week and when I did the next goal was until Friday, and I did. I did give myself a break on the weekend though, I knew I could not do this continuously. Here's what I let myself indulge in: Coffee and a bagel on Saturday, a salad with a little cheese and egg Saturday night. On Sunday I treated myself to coffee from Starbucks and Sunday night I had one and a half pieces of pizza, it was deep dish. I did not eat one of these, I  swear:
The main things normally in my diet that I am trying to cut back on: bread, english muffins, coffee, pasta, tortillas, cheese, oatmeal, coffee, pop...really just too much carbs, caffeine and sugar. So, did I feel better last week eating this way? Maybe by Friday but I had a headache for the first four days,, not really. By Saturday I felt really good and I am still feeling good today. Have I lost any weight so far? Dear God, I hope so. Nine pounds as of yesterday. And yes, I do realize that if I don't keep this up I will gain it all back or not to continue to lose any more. This week my plan is not to be quite as strict as last week, it is just not practical in everyday life, not in my life anyway. So, there you have it. And want to know the thing I craved most of all last week? A piece of wheat toast with peanut butter and honey and a cup of coffee. Yum. Wish me luck this week!


  1. Nine pounds. Cripes....That's wonderful. Sign me up. My problem is cholesterol. Mine's on the rise. So I'm being very conscious about avoiding cheese, something I love dearly. And now red meat. My posting on the sliders was the last such indulgence I will allow myself. Good luck with your efforts. It's tough, especially when yummy cupcakes are literally, in the picture.

  2. Congrats on your weight loss! You don't look to me like you need to lose weight though, not atleast from your pic here.

    We all have an ideal in our head of what we should look like. Most women are just way too hard on themselves, I know I have fallen prey to it's grip too. Eating a balanced healthy diet, and staying active are a sure way to stay physically fit!

  3. Way. To. Go.

    I texted Lia with the news that you were sharing your plan...and your results as soon as I got your email last night.

    I'm thinking of doing a detox (don't freak out Lia...a modified version) but like you, I am going to wing it. I've compared a lot of the established detoxes and some are just not doable while working full-time and then keeping up with things at home. So...I'm currently planning. It's my favorite part. I think it's why I do these crazy diet things.

    Thank you for posting your details. I'm really wanting to compare and use it to adjust my plan.

    Keep up the good work, chica.

  4. fantastic! all the things you aim to give up are all the things i will NOT give up! sucks, i know. so i'm a calorie counter. eat what i want, just as long as i don't go over my limit.

  5. Just fruits and veggies, huh? That's pretty amazing that you lost nine pounds. Somehow I don't think I'd get the same awesome results. I've been on South Beach (a slightly modified South Beach) for 6 days and I've only lost 4.4 pounds. Nine would be wonderful! Heavenly, really! I HATE trying to lose weight but it's got to happen. Congratulations on your huge success. I hope it continues working for you!

  6. I am in awe of your determination! I wouldn't have made it past day one. Keep it up girl!!!!

    PS- your little header quote about trying to remember the little things brings a smile to my face EVERY time I click on your blog. I just love it! THX

  7. All you guys are inspiring. I might try a modified detox thing too since everybody's doing it...

  8. wow! congrats on the 9 pounds.
    i am so impressed with your detox diet.
    i could never, ever do that. i love my coffee, carbs & meat too much!
    good for you, that is really awesome & inspiring!

  9. nine pounds,that is fantastic!!!
    Keep up the good work,I may even join you:0)
    Lordy knows that I could do with losing nine pounds!!!1

  10. Congrats - sounds like you are off to a great start, and kind of over the hump. I love that you are allowing yourself to slack a bit - otherwise you will never be able to keep it up for long. You will continue to do great - I know it!

  11. you go girl!!! keep on it, sounds like you are doing fantastic..I LOVE the carbs, but trying to keep them to a bare minimum also.

  12. Thank you so much for all of the know I will need it tomorrow morning when I am staring at my empty coffee cup sitting in the cabinet...: D


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