Spoiled? Me? Maybe.

Monday, March 8, 2010

We had a nice, relaxing weekend. Not too busy, just nice with nice weather on Saturday...no winter coats needed. Saturday Charlotte and I got to have some girl time together while Eric and his assistant worked on the kitchen sink and made a trip to the hardware store to buy supplies. We went downtown, walked around, ate popcorn, played in the park and Charlotte tested out her new shoes to see how fast she could run in them. Then we stopped at the comic book store because she wanted to pick out a comic book for her brother, got a smoothie next door and headed  home. Read books, relaxed and played some more.
Sunday morning Wyatt and Eric made pancakes and bacon for everyone for breakfast while the girls stayed in bed and watched cartoons. Later on  Eric took the kids to lunch at his parent's house while I had some quiet time at home by myself (to clean, but still...) and got to go to my favorite little antique store with my friend. I'll have to show off what I got later. I love, love, love the Oscars so the man fixed the kids supper and took them downstairs to watch a movie so I could see a lot of the red carpet festivities. I'm totally spoiled, I know. Really I just have a sweet husband. Then we got the kids off to bed and watched the Oscars together...and had a late dinner. Now, that was a nice, relaxing weekend.
 Hope everyone had a great weekend!
I also want to say thanks for the comments and emails I got about my last post....I really appreciate it. I loved to hear everyone's input and it's nice to know I'm not the only one dealing with this stuff. Unfortunately, I'm sure you'll be hearing more about this in the future. 


  1. Lucky you! I forgot to watch the Oscars. I was really bummed when I realized it. But I was sick, so I guess I was a little out of it.


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