{These Are The Days}

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

These are the days where more of our time is spent outside than inside.
These are the days when the weather is sunny and perfect, not too hot.... yet.
These are the days when the kids spent most of their time barefoot, and so do I.
These are the days when lunch is eaten out on the patio.
These are the days when I am given a hundred flowers a day, dandelions, weeds, flowers, you name it.
These are the days that the kids go up and down the sidewalk on their scooters no less than one hundred times with out getting bored.
These are the days when a popsicle sounds really good to me, too.
These are the days when the kids are covered in sand from the sandbox and I could really care less about the mess.
  I am trying to appreciate each day of this beautiful Spring weather because it will not be long at all before I am complaining about how hot it is.  And the humidity-Lord, how I hate the humidity. But right now these are good days, Spring days, and I love it.

*Thank You for all the Ten on Ten love! I was so excited to check out some of your Ten on Ten's, too. It really does tell a story of your day in pictures and I love that. Next month I am going to try and remind everyone a  little earlier so you can all participate. Hope everyone is having a good week so far!


  1. Love this post:) Great pictures!
    The words are like poetry. :) I love visiting your blog dear!

  2. i agree...i love these days.

    and lady- i live in florida so you want to talk about humidity!?!! it's right around the corner, i can feel it. but for right now, it is completely perfect and i am loving every minute of it :)

    ps- i grew up in IL :)

  3. Your days sound so similiar to my days - it is a bit scary ;D Love the photos - as usual! AND YES I loved the 10 on 10 thing, such a cool idea. A reminder would be awesome.... for us slacker types ;D

  4. Those scooter pictures are so beautiful. I find I'm always looking at their little fingers, trying so desperately to burn that image of their pudginess into my memory forever.

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  6. I'm loving the weather too...but can't fully appreciate all the fun until summer break.

    I've been getting lots of flower-weeds myself. Better than anything you can buy at the florist.

  7. Loved this post!
    These REALLY are the days!
    I agree with Brooke....your day sounds a lot like mine too!!:)
    Enjoy the day!

  8. Yes! Those sound like very good days indeed!

  9. Your new photo header is beautiful, as are the photos in your post.
    I love days like that :) Such a good breath of fresh air.

  10. great pics, great thoughts. these truly are the days. it's still not great over here in idaho, but it is getting a little bit better evvery day. enjoy that spring you're having!

  11. Sounds like all of our days are somewhat similar, huh? Wishing everyone a wonderful Spring filled with many good days!

  12. I love the Spring lighting in your photos!

  13. Love your story! I can't wait to try it out next month! How fun!


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