Virtual Coffee

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

 If we were having real coffee  together this morning I would tell you......

If I don't get the spare bedroom cleaned out soon I'm scared I'm going to be turned in to Hoarders. Seriously. It's a mess and I just can't face it. So I don't.

I'm going to attempt to make vanilla bean scones today for my man. He brought me home the vanilla beans and sent me the recipe....wish me luck.

I cannot wait for this Friday. It is the much anticipated return of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS.. Go Dylan Panthers! Does anyone else watch? I am not a football fan at all but I looooove this show. Love it.

We are trying to decide on whether or not we are going to have a privacy fence put in at our house. A privacy fence would seriously change my life, a dream come true....more on that later though.
My boy is looking way too big and old and I just don't like it at all. Where did the last five years go?

Can't believe Mother's Day is this Wyatt told me last week he made me something at school but could not tell me what it was...he really wanted to give me a hint though, really bad. It was sweet.

I have an emotionally draining on-going situation with a friend, I am worn out. I just want to say...I quit.

My friend Maegan just opened up a Print Shop on Etsy; she is an amazing photographer and I am trying to decide what to order myself for my freshly-painted bedroom. Check it out here.

 *Here's my question...If we were meeting for real coffee...What would you order? What's your favorite and how do you take it?
Me: Grande mocha, skim milk, light whip cream with cinnamon powder, thankyouverymuch. And yes, I know the skim milk doesn't really count out the whip cream but it is my coffee. Happy Tuesday!


  1. when we were unpacking our stuff in our apartment, we felt as if we could very easily be on hoarders. it was a scary realization.

    our last house had a nice fence and i dont know what i would have done without it. our neighbors were ok and everything but it was nice to be able to let the dogs and kids out unattended, and i would occasionally hang laundry in my jammies-not something i would have done without the fence. maybe.

    lately my coffee of choice is a vanilla latte made with soy milk. im sure this will change soon though.

  2. We have a privacy fence. I love it. A lot. I've been known to walk around surveying the yard in my underwear.

    I don't do coffee. But I'll take a very large Earl Grey tea with cream and Truvia (I carry my own.).

  3. Well...not a coffee (or tea) drinker either...but we could still meet for bagels at Panera!:)

    I LOVE to watch Hoarders! Not sure why, I'm pretty neat and rather orderly...but it always makes me want to clean something and throw something out when I'm done! So I guess that's a good thing!

    Never seen Friday Night Lights (sorry!) but my must have TV is LOST and Sarah's House on HGTV!

    Your son is absolutely adorable and we could definitely talk about the little ones growing up WAY too fast!

    Ooops...just realized you were only wondering what I would ORDER, not what we would talk about....sorry for all the mind-less chatter!:)
    Enjoy the day

  4. Hmm. We have a privacy fence on 3 out of 4 sides of our fencing. It's lovely. Truly. And Dad and my bro's made it. They're carpenter-snazzy like that.
    But I've never gone out there with anything less than a tank top and shorts.... hehe!

    I take my coffee with a bit of half-and-half or milk, and a packet of Sugar-in-the-Raw.
    That's if it's a daily brew type.
    But for a fancy drink?
    A medium cappuccino or mocha, with whatever shot of flavor I feel like on that particular day (not very often, haha) and whipped cream. Mmmm:)

  5. gaaaah!...there I was, loving your idea for a virtual coffee post and loving all these little peeks into your life when I saw your sweet shout out about my shop! Thank you so much, Amy! But really, I adore this post!

    And...cinnamon latte...GRANDE!

  6. oh, i am so sorry about the emotionally draining to-do with your friend. such a burden, those situations are. i've been struggling with one of those myself recently. it really does affect everything you do/say/think in a day. i do hope you can find a common ground with her.
    privacy fence. gotta have it.
    tall skinny vanilla latte. skinny.

  7. ahh a chai tea latte with soy. or a cafe vanilla bean frap. or both, :-D

    and a happy mother's day to you!

  8. Would it be rude if I were meeting for "real coffee" if I ordered tea instead? I am an ice tea girl 100%.
    Love your new header too!

  9. you have a lot going on. if we were to meet for coffee I would listen to you first. (while slugging down hazelnut creme coffee, black, please?~Panera?). sometimes you do have to take a break from the emotionally draining friends~don't be afraid to set a limit! put on some great music & get to cleaning out that room 1 pile for goodwill, 1 pile for trash man, 1 pile of things that are going to be used in your home~you can do it!! and man will you feel good!!!

  10. ahhhh...thank you everyone for meeting me for virtual coffee! :)
    also thanks for the advice on the friend situation and agreeing about the fence...maybe the husband will read these comments and realize that we must have the fence! :)

  11. I'd love to have coffee with you -- though I'm totally partial to DD's frappacino. Yumminess. I'm sorry you're having a tough time with your friend. Maybe (just maybe) it's time to move on -- if you're so emotionally drained, you have to ask yourself "Is this worth it?" Keep your chin up and go enjoy that five year old -- I usually just pester my kids until they breakdown and tell me there big surprises. I'm really rotten like that!

  12. I'd order a tall Awake tea with room for half and half and real white sugar (which just might be my most favorite thing). And this is what I'd tell you:

    I've felt like that about a room before, but it was the spare room at my parent's house. One Spring Break I came home and made my mom clean it. I started in on the piles and she knew that if she didn't help, I was going to get rid of somethings that she wanted to keep. Do you have a friend that would be willing to come over and help get you started? Sometimes that's all it takes.

    I can't imagine living in a house without a privacy fence. I've always had one in every house I've ever lived in.

    I can't believe my baby is going to be ten years old this summer! Talk about wondering where the time has gone! How can I be old enough to have a ten year old?

    Sorry about the rough times with your friend. That can be so hard to deal with. *Hugs*

  13. found you through 'check it off' i think....glad i the sound like do we stop? there's never going to be the last is there! love the 'poofers' story- my kids thought i'd planted ours! 'mum love the gardening you did'- bless them!!
    jumped on as a 'follower' and will be back with a chai indian tea asap....
    happy thursday...

    melissa :)

  14. You are totally allowed whipped cream. Otherwise there is no point to drinking skim milk.

    Doppio espresso with a splash of cream and a packet of raw sugar for me, thank you very much.

    Have a loverly weekend.


  15. hello.
    this is my first time here amy.
    if i were with you for coffee...i would get a grande skinny sugar free vanilla latte.
    and i would tell you how crabby i have been the last few days!
    and then i am sure i would listen to you and i would cheer up because talking with girlies is always better than a pity party. :)
    nice to meet you amy.


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