Photo Shoot: Part 3 (and some pointers from me!)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I wanted to share a few more pictures form our little photo shoot at my uncle's barn a couple of weeks ago as well as a few things I learned that might help you with your own photo shoots.

This was the first real "Photo shoot" I attempted with the kids. I mean, obviously I am always taking pictures of them but I actually scheduled this one and planned ahead what I was going to do. 
 I also followed some of Maegan's advice on taking your kids' portraits; I let them know when/what/where it was going to be ahead of time and tried to make it sound like it was going to be a fun thing and a special day for them.

What I did wrong:
I wanted to get an early start before it got too hot and before the sun was way too bright...well, I didn't.
I wanted to be at our "location" by 9:30 but it was more like 10:45.

I had a hard time finding something to take for Wyatt as far as a toy/something to play with.
I asked him to pick something but he didn't so I didn't really have anything for him to do.
Wyatt plays with a lot of different toys and is interested in a variety of activities but I just couldn't come up with that one thing to bring along.
Next time I would buy something new for him and give it to him when we got there, nothing big... just something different/new that would hold his interest as he was bored fairly early on.

What I did right:
Brought extra clothes and a few props: blankets, baby doll, books, cars and play cupcakes.
They ate a snack and had a drink ont the way out there.

Candy worked great as a bribery/motivation. I thought the gum balls made a cute prop and doubled as a great bribe for Wyatt. He is only allowed to chew gum on occasion so he was pretty excited about getting to chew the gum once we were finished with the pictures. They kept him motivated to cooperate.

Charlotte's favorite thing ever are books. Books, books....any kind of books.
I grabbed a stack off of her book shelf and she just sat there and flipped through them on her own.
 I love vintage books and they made a cute prop, most of all, books are the first thing I think of when I think of Charlotte.

So there ya have it... just a few things that did work for me and a couple things I will do differently next time.
Happy shooting to you! I will share some more pictures of Wyatt next time.
Hope everyone had a great weekend and is enjoying a lazy Sunday.


  1. gorgeous girl- and gorgeous photos- i feel quite inspired to maybe do a shoot with my kids- rather than just shoot them as you say....
    the 5th photo of charlotte holding onto the fence particularly caught me...the balance of the photo, the light, her expression, the dress were all just caught at the perfect moment...
    melissa x
    ps used my lovely new bags this weekend- great size -no wonder you have loved yours!!

  2. Amy, you rock! I love your photos and how much thought you put into this shoot. Your kids are gorgeous and your composition is great. As always, I'm so impressed!

  3. Lovely photos. You do such a wonderful job!

  4. Thank you so much for the tips - I don't think I'm brave enough to try an actual shoot w/ my kids until they're a little early. But I'll store these tidbits away for when I do :) Thank you! Your shots turned out beautifully!

  5. Great tips! And gorgeous pics, too!

  6. Oh, she's sweet:)
    Now I'm totally craving cupcakes.
    You did a great job on the shoot!

  7. She is precious!!! I love how the photos turned out and the tips are ohhhhhh so helpful. IF if I ever brave up to try to do a photoshoot with my own kids - I will certainly try a few of them out.

  8. Those are great!

    I love the old fence in the background and the vintage books.

    The picture of her standing on the fence with her hair slightly blowing in the wind is just beautiful. They are all beautiful...but that one is *especially* beautiful.

  9. Great shots! How fun to get some tips. Thank you for sharing!

  10. hi- i found my way here from dani's blog. i love this photo shoot--the settings and props are so wonderful! not to mention the cute subject.

    i also love your virtual coffee posts. very creative!

  11. These are the props and backgrounds..and she is so cute! Great tips too!

  12. These are all so precious, love the whole series!


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